never forsaken

forgotten, forsaken
never in You
You created and called forth a people
You loved them
even when they believed You forsook them, You were still so close
even when they believed You forgot them
You said that Your tender affections remembered them still
whether they forget, “I will not forget you,” says G-d to Israel
He says He will not forget
He says, “O Zion, you are engraved into the palms of My hands,
your walls continually before Me”
never forgotten, never forsaken
are you, O Israel

my all

set apart for You, set apart for G-d

created by and set apart for G-d alone

made for You

stamped by You

chosen by You

rescued from sorrow forevermore

caught up in love, real love

caught up in the heartbeat of the Maker of all things

captured in the cadence of Your heart

unable to free myself from such fierce affections

unable to unentangle myself from You

Abba, thank You

thank You for keeping me so near

please never let me go

for You are my all

You truly are my everything


when will You come, when will You meet us and help us

see and know You as the G-d of Israel, as the one and true G-d

whose great love for Israel shouts of Your great love for us

Your undeniable faithfulness to Israel speaks of Your faithfulness to me

the deep affection You have for all who are Yours is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted

You are not like man, Your love is greater than, higher than anything I’ve ever known or will ever know in time and space

I love Your love, I love how You love

You are so good, You are so kind

I’m so thankful to be Yours

to live in fullness

made, created for G-d to be a bearer of His light every moment

made, created by G-d to bear all things in love as He does

made, created by G-d to believe all things, to endure all things

made to suffer long in love, to live in the fruit of love

made to bear the life breath of G-d to all

deeply desiring the reality of these things

yet unable outside of G-d

constantly, desperately dependent upon the One who made me

resolutely clinging, compellingly hanging on to the beautiful One

who fashioned and formed me

who desired my beauty from the very beginning

who will somehow answer the deep unto deep

needs, desires, longings for the fullness of Him,

the fullness of His love in me

G-d of the least

surely He will come to all who are thirsty, hungry, needy. surely He will deliver the brokenhearted. surely I am not alone in clinging to G-d and desiring that these things be true and relevant, even for the weakest ones.

will You come and meet the least. will You come and bring life to those who are dying. will You really bind up the brokenhearted and free the captives. will You heal the hearts of the long-afflicted. can you still soothe Israel’s wounds. surely Your justice will not fail. surely it will come. surely You will come and You will deliver.

I choose to believe You will Father and care for the fatherless and the widow in her distress. I believe You can and will free the oppressed. I choose to trust and cling to the goodness and faithfulness of who You are. You are faithful to Israel and You will be faithful to me and all who have desperate need of You.

life breath

are You there, G-d? I’m looking and longing for You. I desperately need You. please let me see You, what You’re doing. let me understand Your beautiful, wonderful ways despite myself. my heart will not live without Your life breath within. breathe life into this broken soul. please pour forth Your mercy into this heart for Your mercy is my good. I have nothing apart from You. I’m desperately needing You to be my Abba today. I need to know You haven’t left me. I need to know You’re really for me. I need to live in the flow of who You are, the essence of Your deep kindness. my life is Yours. I give You all that I can. I hold nothing back. whom have I but You.