G-d of the least

surely He will come to all who are thirsty, hungry, needy. surely He will deliver the brokenhearted. surely I am not alone in clinging to G-d and desiring that these things be true and relevant, even for the weakest ones.

will You come and meet the least. will You come and bring life to those who are dying. will You really bind up the brokenhearted and free the captives. will You heal the hearts of the long-afflicted. can you still soothe Israel’s wounds. surely Your justice will not fail. surely it will come. surely You will come and You will deliver.

I choose to believe You will Father and care for the fatherless and the widow in her distress. I believe You can and will free the oppressed. I choose to trust and cling to the goodness and faithfulness of who You are. You are faithful to Israel and You will be faithful to me and all who have desperate need of You.


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