I did an exercise with my Story 101 class at a couple of weeks ago.

The exercise was to ask yourself three questions: one for the artist within, one for the monk, and one for both the artist and monk. Here’s the question to me as both the artist and the monk and the collage and perusing of this question:

Where is that joy deep down that I knew as a child? How do I find it?

joy like a child

Love it for all the things that aren’t in it. Daughter

COMPLETE CARE: Body, Soul, and Spirit (scribbled over in crayon)

please! forget me not


Innocent Innocent Innocent




True joy and life and love come in the beautiful, innocent, wonderful pieces of life we knew as a child when we trusted without reservation.

The recovery of trust in G-d and all He has and who He is as Abba is critical to the rest of the story and the life that comes and is given freely by Him and in Him and through Him.

The joy that is evident in the heart of a child moved by each new experience, freely embracing the love offered and asking without doubting is what we need to have recovered after the difficulties of life have stripped away the childlike trust.

A child trusts, not knowing of the darkness and evil.

A child of G-d trusts, knowing Abba is their Father and knowing He is greater than the darkness and evil.

A child of G-d trusts in who G-d is and the evidence of how He rescued them from their hopeless situation.

What is it all about, really?

Trust x3

What is the difference between the child I was and the child of G-d I am?
My life and situation are not much different.
G-d is not different.
I trusted when I was a child, I didn’t know not to.
I choose to trust with childlike faith in my good, good Abba.

Give me faith to always trust in You.
You are my Abba, my Father and You are good.

Trust is my gift of pure LOVE back to my Abba who rescued me.


This is the end of the story
and I choose to believe.

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