Israel’s Battle

Abba, there is battle raging
The battle is clearly not against flesh and blood
The battle for Israel
is the battle of the ages
The battle for Israel
is the battle that will end all other battles

Today awakens the dawn to nearly three weeks
of what we call war in Israel
Many soldiers fallen
Many civilians caught in the dark crossfire of Hamas’ leadership
that tells them their death is their glory

Yet, how many women with small children, how many grandfathers
Really believe it is glorious to die before your time
How many captive men, women and children does Hamas have today
God, may You set captive ones free tonight from the death grip of Hamas and Islam

And then there is Israel
There is always beloved Israel
Trying to stand and fight
Untold enemies all around
If it isn’t rockets and bombs
It’s words and handcuffs by political leaders
the world ’round

Anti-Zionism is the new Anti-Semitism
So they say
What they say seems to be true
In fact, it looks like Paris was burning again, just last week
Why? Israel hatred, or Jew hatred, it’s all the same

Israel didn’t ask for this
But she can’t stand and watch the rockets fly, the child kidnappers get away

Israel, O Israel
May you look to the One who is higher
May you see and know more clearly than yesterday
He is Your help, the One who made heaven and earth
He is Your keeper,
He neither slumbers nor sleeps

The G-d of Israel
Fights for You, O Israel
Trust in Him
Fall on Him

He is your Father
He is the G-d of your life

A Prayer for Israel Today

This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it
The above phrase washes over my soul as the Shabbat ends in Israel
Along with the end of Shabbat, is the beginning of rocket fire once again
Because the enemies didn’t agree to allow
More time for the humanitarian aid of their people

Abba, help Your people Israel,
Abba, help the Arab people,
Bring life and hope
Bring deliverance within and without

The enemy surrounding vows Israel’s annihilation
No peace, no life, no desire for the Jewish people to live
When the enemy worships death
There is no possibility for shalom

Mighty G-d of Israel, please fight for Israel
Mighty G-d of Israel, please fight against those who fight against You
Mighty G-d of Israel, have compassion on the people of Israel
Mighty G-d of Israel, rescue lives today

Deliver children today from death and destruction
Deliver children from fear with Your perfect love
May Your Name go forth today
May Your heart be made known to children all throughout Israel,
to Jewish children, to Arab children, to other children,
Make Yourself known
Abba, raise up a generation among the least and make them beloved
and great in Your sight
May these young ones love Your name and love Your Kingdom, beyond understanding

Make Yourself known and pour forth life
Preserve the lives of the young soldiers of Israel
Preserve the lives of the Arab people in Gaza
Preserve the lives of Your people Israel, the Jewish people throughout the Land
Rescue the wicked from the darkness that surrounds and bring Your light
throughout Israel today

May You, the G-d of life and the Giver of life
Bring forth life today
May You, the G-d of Israel
Reveal Yourself as the One G-d, the only G-d,
The righteous One, Holy and true forever

Shabbat Shalom

Taking a moment as the Sabbath has come
To say that My heart is aching and burdened for the people of Israel, my people

Abba, may You awaken Israel’s heart to You
Abba, may You strengthen and steady Israel’s steps
May You let Israel see her King in His glory
Abba, Your people are pressed and need You
Please visit Israel, from the north to the south,
From the east to the west
May Your people know You are their Keeper
May they know You are for them
May they experience You with them today

As the atmosphere of Shabbat
Rests upon Israel
May Israel rest and lean upon You

Love G-d, Love Israel


When is the day
What is the time to stand,
To take a stand
To count the cost
To love
To choose G-d’s choice
To choose G-d’s elect
To choose to see and walk with Israel
without wavering and without fear
Because He chose her, He chose Israel

The G-d of all creation
The G-d of the universe
The G-d whom I love
Chose a man and chose a people
Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
The G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
The G-d who chose Jacob and made Him Israel
This is the G-d I serve, the One I love

He is the G-d of Israel
And I will stand with Israel today
In the midst of war and chaos
I will believe in who G-d said she is
And who G-d is making her to be

I will pray for Israel
I will pray that the life of G-d be manifest to her and through her
May the G-d of life preserve life and bring life
All throughout the Land Abba called Israel, today


Running the Race – G-d’s Choice

I am joining with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:


To choose to begin to run the race,
to follow hard,
to let G-d in and let sin out
What a phenomenal choice
What a beautiful gift
For in all reality, I didn’t choose Him,
Rather, He chose me

He chose me

Let it sink in

The G-d of all creation,
The G-d of the universe,
The G-d of Israel,
The one G-d,
Chose, me!

This is my reason,
my motivation,
my great hope

He is my reason,
my motivation,
my great hope

I choose You back, G-d
I love You so
You are my all and there is no other
There will never be another like You
You began this work
Thank you
You will finish this work
Thank You

There is no other G-d like You
You stand alone
You stand with me in faithfulness when I am weak and misguided
You stand with Israel when she is broken and difficult
You are faithful and there is no other

I thank You that in You and through You and by You
I have been able to run this race
I thank You that in You and through You and by You
I will be able to finish this race

Five Minute Friday


I am joining with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:


Feeling a part of someone else’s heart
Feeling a part of family
Feeling a part of something called home

Will I ever really belong?
Why does this place feel so foreign?
Why does my heart feel so far away?

I belong to a family and it is the family I’ve always waited for,
the family of G-d, the family that is part of a world to come.

I await patiently, or sometimes not so patiently, the restoration within,
the restoration without.

Will restoration mean I belong? Will restoration mean I’m finally home, safe, accepted, beloved?

As my heart ponders these concepts, I know the reality is tough and real and somewhere in between this world and the next.

Will the relationships, the “family,” the place and people to which I pour out my soul ever be where I truly belong?

I’d like to emphatically say, “yes,” yet I’ve come to realize this world is not my home.

The friends, family, places, people to which I give the most may very well give me nothing in return, and I wonder, how do I find where I belong? And how does my soul stay alive in the midst?

Then I hear a whisper, and I know I belong. There is one place I belong, and it’s deeply within the heart of my G-d, my Maker, my Creator, my Abba.

Finally I’ve found where I belong. My heart overflows just to know this place where shalom reigns. No matter what goes on all around, no matter what kind of persecution or hatred comes against me or against Israel, Your shalom still reigns.

Five Minute Friday