Love G-d, Love Israel


When is the day
What is the time to stand,
To take a stand
To count the cost
To love
To choose G-d’s choice
To choose G-d’s elect
To choose to see and walk with Israel
without wavering and without fear
Because He chose her, He chose Israel

The G-d of all creation
The G-d of the universe
The G-d whom I love
Chose a man and chose a people
Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
The G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
The G-d who chose Jacob and made Him Israel
This is the G-d I serve, the One I love

He is the G-d of Israel
And I will stand with Israel today
In the midst of war and chaos
I will believe in who G-d said she is
And who G-d is making her to be

I will pray for Israel
I will pray that the life of G-d be manifest to her and through her
May the G-d of life preserve life and bring life
All throughout the Land Abba called Israel, today


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