Israel’s Battle

Abba, there is battle raging
The battle is clearly not against flesh and blood
The battle for Israel
is the battle of the ages
The battle for Israel
is the battle that will end all other battles

Today awakens the dawn to nearly three weeks
of what we call war in Israel
Many soldiers fallen
Many civilians caught in the dark crossfire of Hamas’ leadership
that tells them their death is their glory

Yet, how many women with small children, how many grandfathers
Really believe it is glorious to die before your time
How many captive men, women and children does Hamas have today
God, may You set captive ones free tonight from the death grip of Hamas and Islam

And then there is Israel
There is always beloved Israel
Trying to stand and fight
Untold enemies all around
If it isn’t rockets and bombs
It’s words and handcuffs by political leaders
the world ’round

Anti-Zionism is the new Anti-Semitism
So they say
What they say seems to be true
In fact, it looks like Paris was burning again, just last week
Why? Israel hatred, or Jew hatred, it’s all the same

Israel didn’t ask for this
But she can’t stand and watch the rockets fly, the child kidnappers get away

Israel, O Israel
May you look to the One who is higher
May you see and know more clearly than yesterday
He is Your help, the One who made heaven and earth
He is Your keeper,
He neither slumbers nor sleeps

The G-d of Israel
Fights for You, O Israel
Trust in Him
Fall on Him

He is your Father
He is the G-d of your life


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