Zion’s Cry

Abba, when will You come and redeem Zion
When will You come and rescue Your firstborn
It’s a people
It’s a place
It’s Your heart laid bare

Abba, You see
I know You see Zion’s suffering
I know You do
I know You ache for her
Today, You long that Your beloved come home
to You

Abba, draw Your people home
Draw them near to You,
To Your beautiful heart

Abba, let me ache with You
Over Your people,
Over Your city
Over what has been a long time waiting

Surely You see
Surely You know
Surely You have not forgotten
You have not forsaken
The ones You love
The ones You always loved

Abba, bring redemption to Zion
Abba, reveal Yourself
Help the ones You greatly desire

Please visit and answer the deep cries
of broken, captive hearts
Please make Yourself known
Please send Your Spirit
To console lonely, hurting ones

Abba, please console and comfort Zion
In the midst of pain and tragedy and loss
Please comfort Your people

Thank You, Abba
For Your great goodness
For Your Kingdom coming
on behalf of Your name,
Your city, Your people


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