awakened heart – day 3

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Today’s Prompt: New

Awakened Heart

I continued my journey. It was exhilarating yet heartbreaking at times. Yet I could not go back. I had entered into a deep precious place with my Father. He had invited me in to a new place I hadn’t known before. In the midst of a most difficult season in life, He invited me in to something precious to His heart.

Israel – a people, a son, a child, one He still longed for

Step by step, day by day,
My heart began to open, and see words and stories and ideas,
And a thread woven in and out and through the pages
Of the divine story
I had read many times before,
Yet never seeing what I began to see
As this new day unfolded before me
And my heart fell in love once again

I had run into the heart of my good, good Father
Through a story I hadn’t quite seen before,
I hadn’t understood like I began to understand

My heart began to be moved
By an ancient people
With a rich heritage
And a hope still to come

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2 thoughts on “awakened heart – day 3

  1. This is beautiful! We are neighbors over at Kate’s for Five Minute Friday, and we are fellow #31Dayers too! So glad I stopped by!

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