my perfect Father with a beautiful heart – day 11

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Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Today’s Prompt: Teach

my perfect Father with a beautiful Heart

Teach me that I may teach others
O great Teacher, show me what’s on Your heart
O great Counselor, I open my heart wide to You
Like clay in the Potter’s hand
I want to be
Moldable, pliable in Your hands
May my heart be soft to Your whisper
Teachable to Your instructions
May my life be wholly Yours

Teach me about Your heart, Abba
Teach me about who You are and how You love
That I can love like You love

Teach me to love my brother
Like You love me
Show me Your love for Your firstborn Israel
More and more,
That I would love Israel like You do
And I would see and patiently long for Israel’s full destiny
That has long been in Your heart

Give me a heart like Yours
Teach me Abba
Day by day by day
May I know Your heart, Your love, Your ways
More and more

Thank You Abba
You have such a beautiful heart

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