bring Your people home – day 20

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Bring Your People Home

Abba, Your people Israel cannot find You today
Abba, Your firstborn Son is hurting and lost
without You
Abba, would You visit the hearts of the sons of Israel
with Your tender mercy and kindness
Would You show them Your great love for them
Abba, please minister Your heart and Your holy desire
to the ones You love, the ones You made covenant with

You are their merciful Father
Filled with lovingkindness and steadfast mercy,
relenting from harm, patient in love
You are their G-d
They are Your children

O Abba, in my day and in my time
Please bring restoration to Israel
Please bring redemption to Jerusalem
Please raise up a people who love You and love Your people

Abba, raise up friends of Your heart
Raise up ones filled with Your love,
Your Spirit, Your comfort
Abba, raise up a people who love
beyond themselves
Who live in the testimony of who You are,
Who long for Your heart’s desire for Israel
to come to pass
Abba, break in today on the heart of Your people
And draw them home
Bring them near to You once again

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For Day 19 You are the G-d of restoration

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