faithful G-d – day 24

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Today’s Prompt: Dare

faithful G-d

I dare you to ask Abba for His heart for Israel
I dare me to live in abandoned faith and obedience in this journey daily
This journey into the deep caverns of Abba’s heart,
the deep longings of the heart of my Beloved G-d
for His people Israel is so much better than
Yet so few come, so few say, “Yes”
to this journey of desire,
to entering into His heart which is filled with holy fire

Abba, come, make Your heart known to me even more
Take me into the places You love to share with Your friends
Abba, You are a good Father, I love You and want as much as I can have in You

There is not another, not one like You
You are a faithful Father to Israel
You are a faithful Father to me

Abba, draw many into this journey of love
This journey of partnership and fellowship with Your heart
Draw many near to You, to Your heart of longing for Jerusalem
To Your heart of love for Your people Israel

Abba, awaken hearts to the full counsel of Your Word
And breathe life on hardened hearts today

May You breathe Your breath of life upon our hearts
that we would long for the full redemption, salvation
and restoration of Israel like You always have longed for
Thank You Abba for Your faithful love to Your firstborn Israel

For Day 20 Bring Your People Home
For Day 21 You do not forget Israel
For Day 22 Expectation Kadosh (Holy)
For Day 23 Will you watch for an hour?

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