Tossed and Pressed by Your Ways

Tossed and Pressed by Your Ways

The tossing and pressing
and pushing of the heart
from here to there
and back again

The attempt to love one another
and live in unity
as one
The most exhausting plan of the ages
to the human condition I’ve found myself in
because I simply want my ways
instead of Yours
I believe my way of going about things will
bring about Your ways
but how can this be

When I go about the faulty plans of man
I will not succeed at bringing Your Kingdom
When I do things my own way
How can You be glorified in the process

When I comprehend Your great goodness
Why would I choose my ways

O God, take me deeper, take me lower
I want to know You more completely
That I would be more like You

O God deliver me from my self-righteous expressions
Yet more
Deliver me from the deep places of self
My ways, my plans, trusting in my own ways instead of Yours

Only if I go low
Can I find You
Servant of all

Only if I am laid bare
Can You fill me
Please come and fill me

I can ask the questions
You can give the answers
or not
You are sovereign
And what I do know for sure
is that You are good

Even in looking at the deepest darkness of man
You come out beautiful
Because You are
and You are the only One good

All the good works of men
Will eventually be seen as they are

Our hunger inside for goodness manifests
You are made known
by the weak things of humanity
Desiring to somehow access the goodness of who You are

Please come and make Yourself known to this weak and fragile one

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