Only One Good

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:



Only One Good

Not one good, except G-d
You alone are good
You alone are worthy
You alone are holy

No matter how hard I try to be good
No matter how hard I try to save myself
No matter how strong I think I am

I fall back on You
And everything makes sense again

There is no one good
There is only You
You alone are good
You alone are G-d
One G-d
One King
One Ruler

No matter what the rulers and kings say
You are the Master of the universe
You are the Holy One of Israel

No matter what theologians say
No matter what philosophers attempt to articulate
You stand
You watch
You wait
You ache
That a broken heart
would turn towards You
A wandering eye
would finally look for You

No matter how proud and arrogant men may be
You stand
You watch
You wait
You ache
That they would fall on their faces
and run into You

You are good
Your ways are good
No, not one compares with You
Beautiful G-d
Beautiful Creator

Your Kindness

Your Kindness

Abba, are You really that kind and that good
Is what You say what You do

How much do You desire that I love You freely,
Without fear
and without shame
How much do You want me to run into You,
into Your arms when I am afraid
when darkness is too close to discern
How much comfort is available in Your heart for me

Abba, G-d of wonder, beautiful Servant
You have awed me with Your love
You have made Yourself known to this heart
that barely believed love was real

Your love, without conditions,
has shaped my heart
Your love has awakened real love
through which life and light can shine

How could I ever express my thankfulness to You
How could I ever give enough
My whole life is at Your dispense
and I make that choice again

For You are my life
You are my source
You are my strength
and You have become my salvation

No one compares
No darkness comprehends
Nothing can come close
to all that You have done for me

You truly are all I have
All my fountains are in You
There is none like You
Not one besides You
You heal and transform
the hearts of men
There is none who removes the blindness of eyes
and the hardness of heart
except You
You alone can soften this heart
You alone can help me see
You alone can heal this life

G-d who is worthy of all praise and thankfulness
G-d who created all things,
by Your will I exist,
for Your pleasure I was created
Therefore, I give it all back to You
I give all I am and all I have back to You

You are my Love,
You are my Life,
You are my Source,
and my Strength
You have become My salvation