Encountering Abba’s Heart for 31 Days

Abba, I Belong to You 4

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 1 Calling http://wp.me/p3vZRl-ds
Day 2 Family http://wp.me/p3vZRl-dI
Day 3 Capture http://wp.me/p3vZRl-dS
Day 4 Embrace http://wp.me/p3vZRl-dU
Day 5 Home http://wp.me/p3vZRl-dW
Day 6 Possible http://wp.me/p3vZRl-dY
Day 7 Love http://wp.me/s3vZRl-love
Day 8 Purple http://wp.me/p3vZRl-e2
Day 9 Trust http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eC
Day 10 Ready http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eE
Day 11 Rest http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eG
Day 12 Storm http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eI
Day 13 Patience http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eK
Day 14 Fly http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eM
Day 15 Laugh http://wp.me/p3vZRl-eO
Day 16 Green http://wp.me/p3vZRl-fZ
Day 17 Offer http://wp.me/p3vZRl-g1
Day 18 Worth http://wp.me/p3vZRl-g4
Day 19 Honor http://wp.me/p3vZRl-g6
Day 20 Temporary http://wp.me/p3vZRl-g8
Day 21 Wave http://wp.me/p3vZRl-ga
Day 22 Value http://wp.me/p3vZRl-gc
Day 23 Joy http://wp.me/p3vZRl-ge
Day 24 Silence http://wp.me/p3vZRl-gg
Day 25 Crash http://wp.me/p3vZRl-gi
Day 26 Whisper http://wp.me/p3vZRl-gk
Day 27 Perhaps http://wp.me/p3vZRl-hj
Day 28 Hope http://wp.me/p3vZRl-hl
Day 29 Sea http://wp.me/p3vZRl-hn
Day 30 http://wp.me/p3vZRl-hp
Day 31 Almost http://wp.me/p3vZRl-hr

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge





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