Hope beyond Hope

Abba, I Belong to You 3

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart
Links to each installment can be found here: http://wp.me/s3vZRl-31days

Day 3: Captured

Little girl was absolutely captured
when Abba said she was a part of his family
Her heart skipped a beat
and she was so terribly excited
She was so terribly excited
to finally find her family

In all of her five years,
She had wanted a family

She couldn’t help
but to hope beyond hope
That she would finally
Find the place
She could call home,
The place where
She never would have to leave again
She hoped that everything
would be different now

As she thought for a moment,
She started to get a little afraid
that this was another promise
that wasn’t true
Her little heart
went from excitement and joy
to fear

Right in that moment,
Abba looked down at her
He saw the fear fill her gaze
He sat down right beside her
and he turned his attention to her

Little girl was delighted and so scared
All at the same time.
Abba comprehended just how she felt
He knew little girl very well
He felt her fear
and he felt her joy

He took her face in his hands
and looked right into her big brown eyes
He locked eyes with her
In one single moment,
All of the fear left her heart
In just a moment,
as she saw who he was
and she saw his great love for her,
Her heart settled
She knew
He was telling her the truth
The fear left
From one heartbeat to the next

Hope filled little girl’s heart again
She wrapped her arms around Abba’s neck
He picked her up
and sat her in his lap
She leaned back upon his chest
and he told her
that she was going to be okay
She believed him

She fell asleep in his lap
She dreamed about her new family
She dreamed about Abba
She dreamed about following him around
everywhere he went

Her heart was captured afresh

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