Learning to Trust

Learning to Trust

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart
Links to each installment can be found here: http://wp.me/s3vZRl-31days

Day 9: Trust

Little girl heard someone say the word. Trust. It had been one of little girl’s most challenging words. The word itself wasn’t so difficult but the idea of it was. She pondered for a moment when Abba came up to her and took her hand.

In a flash, she remembered what had happened just yesterday: Abba had adopted her into his family! She was ecstatic when she thought about this. She turned her head to look up at Abba with her big brown eyes. “Abba, I love you,” she said. When he looked down at her, his love for her touched her heart again. “I love you too!” he said.

With this exchange, little girl realized she finally knew what trust was and that it was wonderful. She trusted Abba because he loved her so and she knew it. She felt it deep inside and she knew he was trustworthy.

Day by day, as little girl experienced Abba’s love, her heart learned to trust. She became trustworthy. Everything inside little girl was being made new. She was so thankful. She told Abba many times every day how thankful she was. He loved it when she did. Abba loved little girl.

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