Abba’s Big Love

Abba, I Belong to You 4

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 13: Patience

Little girl awoke early and ran down the stairs to find Abba and the rest of the family. She found Abba sitting in his chair where he often sat in the mornings. He was looking out the window at the grassy hills and the trees that had grown steadily over the years.

Abba turned to little girl, his eyes filled with joy, as she approached him. His face radiated with love as she jumped into his lap, as was her normal morning routine.

Little girl would sit on Abba’s lap for what felt like hours to her but it was only a couple of minutes before she would begin to ask questions and talk to him about her dreams or what she wanted to do that day. It was like clockwork and Abba felt great delight every morning as she approached him and talked to him and asked what he thought about the many things on her mind.

Little girl was overjoyed with this life Abba had given her. Even at the tender age of five, she knew it was a beautiful gift to her. She was so thankful for all he had done for her and all he had given to her.

Little girl felt such a depth of love in her heart that she’d never experienced before she met Abba. She’d always believed there was more than what she had known and experienced. She couldn’t imagine what was next and what was to come.

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