A Child’s Delight


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 16: Green

Little girl saw the butterfly through the picture window. She quickly raced outside to try and catch it. She wanted to catch a butterfly. She had come so close over and over again.

She barreled outside, running as fast as she could over the freshly mowed green grass. When she got close to where the butterfly had been sitting on a leaf, she slowed down and began to tiptoe towards the branch. She looked up and the butterfly was still there. She was so surprised she didn’t know what to do. She had forgotten her butterfly catcher in the house.

She stopped and simply stared at the beautiful teal-colored butterfly. It didn’t move an inch. In the distance she heard Abba coming towards her. She wouldn’t turn around to look at him for fear the butterfly would fly away.

Abba approached and as he did, the butterfly left the leaf. Little girl thought the butterfly was afraid yet this was not the case. The butterfly flew right up to Abba and landed on his shoulder. Little girl’s mouth was wide open, amazed and delighted at what had just happened.

Abba put his hand by his shoulder and the butterfly flew and sat right on his finger. Then Abba put his hand by little girl’s shoulder and the butterfly flew and landed on her shoulder. Little girl knew the butterfly was there and just stood still nearly holding her breath. She was so ecstatic.

In a moment the butterfly flew back to the leaf where it had started. Little girl was beyond overwhelmed. She sat down just below the leaf trying to catch her breath and take it all in. What a day it had been!

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