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Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 15: Laugh

Little girl remembered her flying dreams and then began to recall other dreams she’d had over her few short years. She always recalled her dreams as if they were reality.

Little girl remembered the dream where she was riding a bicycle upside down. She had laughed and laughed in her dream and then she woke up laughing.

As little girl recalled this she began to laugh again. She thought this had been so much fun. Little girl’s dreams had been so full of adventure.

Little girl ran to find Abba and asked if she could share her dreams with him. Abba was glad to hear. He listened intently as she shared.

Little girl asked Abba, “Do you think I will be able to fly like a little bird someday? I think that would be really fun!”

Abba loved seeing such joy and delight in little girl as she talked to him and shared her heart. Then Abba answered, “Maybe you’ll get to fly like a little bird.” He winked at her as she thought about all the possibilities.

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