Everything she hoped for


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 19: Honor

Little girl looked up at Abba and thought about what she’d been through. He looked down at her, comprehending all her thoughts. She knew she’d been rescued. She knew she’d been saved from difficulty.

Little girl was so thankful for the life she’d found in Abba. She was so grateful for a home and a family, but most of all she was so grateful for the love of Abba. She knew unequivocally that his love was real, more real than anything she’d ever experienced in her life before.

Little girl had always dreamed and believed for such a life and she finally found it. Or better said, it finally found her. Abba sought little girl out and found her. Abba wanted her as a part of his family and he went and got her and rescued her.

What a beautiful story she was a part of and she knew it. She knew she was blessed to be a part of his family and a part of him. Even at five years old, she knew she had everything she’d ever need and want in Abba.

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