Filled with Delight


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart
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Day 23: Joy

Little girl had some wonderful conversations with Abba. Abba comprehended her so well. She was overjoyed as they talked about the waves and the ocean and her excitement and fears.

Little girl was more undone by Abba every day. She was so thankful for him and for his heart of love for her. He loved her so and she knew it. She knew she was his daughter.

Little girl thought about how much she was like Abba. This thought gave her so much joy. She felt so thankful to be filled with so much life and so much love. She knew it was because of Abba. She knew she would not be here without him.

Little girl thought about all of this as she lay on her bed about to fall asleep. She was so content. She was so thankful. She was so filled with delight and she knew it was all because of Abba.

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