Truth for Lies


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 24: Silence

“Abba, will you talk to me today and tell me stories?” little girl asked as she jumped up on Abba’s lap.

“Why wouldn’t I talk to you today, sweet girl? I love to tell you stories.” Abba replied.

Little girl had remembered the silent treatments she had received at the last home she stayed in whenever she did something the father didn’t approve of. Little girl’s heart would be so full of fear whenever this happened. For some reason, little girl remembered this today.

Abba could see the sadness and fear in little girl’s eyes. Abba drew her face close to his so that she could look straight into his eyes. “I love you and you are my daughter. I will not leave nor forsake you. I will always help you.”

As Abba spoke these truths, they pierced the lingering shadows, lies and darkness that had paralyzed little girl just minutes before. Little girl felt like herself again. She felt secure in Abba’s love again. She was so thankful for Abba’s love for her.

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