Created to Love

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Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 30

Little girl was so happy to be with Abba. She knew she was a different little girl than when she’d first arrived. Despite this, now and again she remembered her old friends and the families she’d stayed with and she missed them.

Even though little girl was ecstatic to be with Abba now, she had moments of missing the ones who had been a part of her life. She had actually given her heart to many despite the tumult and upsets. She had trusted many along the way.

Abba saw her little heart hurting and he knew the struggles. He knew she loved to be his and to be with him and to be a part of his family. He also knew she loved and missed those who had been in her life before.

When these moments of difficulty came for little girl, Abba would simply comfort and hold her and let her talk about how she missed her friends and those who had been in her life.

Abba understood fully and completely. He knew how much she loved. He knew how much she gave her heart to those she cared for. Her love and trust was real and authentic and he loved this. This was how she was created to love.

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