Asking Abba

Abba, I Belong to You 4

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Encountering Abba’s Heart

Asking Abba

Little girl sat on Abba’s lap. She had been thinking about so many things in the last few days and she decided she needed to ask Abba some questions.

“Abba, thank you for adopting me. I’m so happy to be yours but I wonder why you picked me. Can we go get some of my friends where I stayed? I think they wanted to be picked by you too. I miss them and they need you too!” Little girl surprised herself with her request.

Abba smiled with delight at the little girl’s thoughts and desire for her little friends to know him, “I love you, little girl. I’m so happy you came to me. You’re a wonderful daughter. I’d love to go and get some of your friends. I know them. I know their needs. I love them, little girl. Did you know that? I love them too even though they are aren’t here with us yet.”

Little girl thought about this for a minute. She was so happy Abba cared about and loved her friends too. “Okay, Abba. Will it be long?” She asked with anticipation.

“Not long, little girl. Not long at all,” Abba replied.

Little girl felt better. She had made her simple request known and trusted Abba that they would go get her friends soon.

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