Abba’s Words

father-and-child - Version 2

Encountering Abba’s Heart

Abba’s Words

As little girl spent time with Abba, she began to feel different. She had found so much hope and life and joy in her heart. She was so thankful to be a part of Abba’s family. She couldn’t remember how life had been before.

Little girl loved to sit in Abba’s lap and look out at the green hills and the sea beyond them. She loved watching the animals and butterflies every morning with Abba. She loved talking to him and sharing with him.

As little girl felt more at home and safer with Abba, her heart settled more and more. She felt less anxious day by day. She didn’t worry as much.

Little girl became more and more settled in her identity as Abba’s child. As this happened, his words and talks with her began to be her favorite things. More than the beautiful hills and the sea, the fun animals and the butterflies, and even more than sharing her own thoughts with Abba, little girl loved hearing Abba’s words.

Abba’s words felt tangible to her. They felt real and strong and safe. She didn’t know quite how to describe this, but she knew that every time he spoke to her she felt safer and more like his daughter and she knew everything would be okay.

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