Following in Abba’s Footsteps

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Encountering Abba’s Heart

Following in Abba’s Footsteps

Little girl was sitting on Abba’s lap one morning when he said to her, “Would you like to go on a walk so that I can show you some things?”

Little girl jumped up immediately, excited to see some things and to take a walk with Abba. They walked down the steps from the porch area towards the grassy rolling hills that little girl had begun to love. She tried to follow right in his footsteps because this seemed like fun to her.

When Abba and little girl got to the second tree on the path that towered over them, he stopped and turned to her. “Do you know how old this tree is?”

“No, but I bet it’s really old,” little girl answered.

“It’s really old, little girl. I remember when we planted it ages ago,” Abba recalled as he thought about that day so long ago.

“Wow, that’s neat! I thought the tree was even older than you,” little girl stated inquisitively. “I thought trees were hundreds of years old sometimes.”

“They are, sometimes,” Abba responded with a twinkle in his eye as he continued to walk.

Little girl continued right after him again. She watched as he took every step and tried to step exactly where he stepped. Abba looked back at her as she did this and delighted in this child of his.

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