An Adventure with Abba

father-and-child-version-2 - Version 2

Encountering Abba’s Heart

An Adventure with Abba

Little girl came and found Abba a little bit earlier than usual. She was excited about their day together. Abba had told little girl that they would be going on an adventure. She couldn’t wait to find out what they were going to do.

“Abba, what are we going to do today? I’m so excited,” exclaimed little girl.

“We’re going on an adventure that will help you understand how much I really love you,” Abba replied.

Little girl looked at him with inquisitive eyes. She couldn’t imagine what their adventure was going to be but she trusted him so she grabbed his hand to go wherever he went.

Abba looked down at little girl with those eyes filled with fire and life. His pleasure in her was so far beyond her understanding. Abba loved little girl so much.

Abba loved the journey day after day with little girl and he loved the way she trusted him. Despite everything, she trusted him and she was learning to trust him more and more every single day.

Abba comprehended why this was sometimes difficult for little girl but he had patience with her and knew she would fully overcome her fears one day. He knew that she would comprehend and walk in the perfect love that he had for her one day soon.

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