Abba’s Love – the antidote for fear

Abba, I Belong to You 4

Encountering Abba’s Heart

Despite everything Abba had done for little girl and despite her experience of his love for her, she still battled deep fear that Abba would leave her. Little girl’s fears were not evidential on a daily basis but they were very real and very tangible at times to little girl’s heart.

Most mornings little girl woke up and ran to be with Abba. She ran and jumped in his lap without even thinking twice about it. Her heart knew what was true even though her mind sometimes wandered to the past and doubt crept in, causing her to wonder if Abba’s words and love were authentic.

Little girl was mostly convinced of Abba’s love for her but some days she let fear lead her rather than trusting her heart as her heart trusted Abba. Those days were difficult and little girl didn’t like these days. Yet she knew she needed Abba to help her overcome her fears.

One day when this happened, little girl decided to run right to Abba and talk to him about all of it.

“Abba, would you help me if I come talk to you when I’m the most scared. I get so scared sometimes that you might forget me or leave me but you won’t, will you?” Little girl questioned with apprehension in her heart. “I know you won’t leave me but sometimes I just get so scared that you will. I’m sorry.”

As little girl shared, tears welled up in her eyes and began to stream down her rosy cheeks.

Abba knelt down in front of little girl. He caressed her head and wiped each of her cheeks with his hands. Then Abba took both of her hands in his. He looked right in little girl’s eyes and spoke straight to her heart.

“I love you, little girl. I love you so much and I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. I understand you. Please come to me when you’re afraid. I won’t reject you or be upset with you when you’re scared. You’re my little girl. You’re my daughter. I know what you’ve been through and I know everything about you. I know that you love me and that you want to trust me with all of your heart. I know you so well and I delight in you because you’re mine. You’re my little girl and no one can take you away from me. You don’t disappoint me when you’re afraid. You don’t upset me when you get distracted. This is a journey and I love you so much and I will help you. Your fears are not too much for me. I know your heart for me. I know you love me and I know you’ve given me all that you can. You’re my favorite and you’re all mine. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

Abba’s words touched little girl’s heart. She felt his love for her when he spoke word after word of affirmation and life to her. His words were like water quenching a thirst. They were like food answering hunger pangs long ignored.

With each word, it Abba’s love overcame the fears in little girl’s heart. She felt so safe with Abba. Her heart filled up with peace and her rosy cheeks beamed with joy as she stared at Abba while the words Abba had spoken began to speak to deep places in little girl’s being.

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