Getting Ready – The Next Step


What could be written about that brings more cheer than Abba’s love for His children. What could bring greater joy than knowing you have a father – a really, really good Father.

Getting Ready – The Next Step

Little girl decided she was ready for the next step on the journey. Abba had invited her, step by step, and they had gone on some adventures.

This adventure was different. This step was new. The journey was steady but this step would prove to be unique and wonderful for little girl.

Abba told little girl to pack all of her swimming gear and her favorite clothes for playing outside. Little girl was so excited at Abba’s instructions.

Little girl couldn’t wait to go swimming – she loved the freedom and lightness she felt as she moved swiftly through the water. She could do so many things in the water she couldn’t do on land.

“What are you thinking about? Your smile is covering your whole face!” Abba said, utterly delighted to see such joy on little girl’s face.

“I love swimming! I remember all the fun times I had swimming in the pool and in the lake. I’m so excited we get to swim!”

“I’m happy that you are happy, little girl. We’re going to have a wonderful time together. I can’t wait to introduce you to the waves and the ocean! This will be something new and different. You will love it!” Abba spoke these words, matching little girl’s excitement and joy with every single word.

“I can’t wait! I love you, Abba,” little girl said as she recalled the pictures she’d seen of the ocean shores and the huge crashing waves.

Abba and little girl would soon be in the midst of a unique and life-changing experience for little girl. Abba knew it. Little girl was just excited to go. She loved adventures with Abba.

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Gaining Ground – Adventures in Trust


Abba and little girl had been on quite the adventure that took them far from the home she had come to know. They returned but little girl didn’t quite feel at home when she arrived back with Abba. The adventure had somehow changed her. Knowing more of her adopted family’s story had marked little girl’s heart in a surprising way.

Little girl had grown up fast in the surroundings she had lived in before being adopted by Abba. She had learned much very young. In her time with Abba, she had begun to learn what it was like to be a child. She had learned that she didn’t have to keep everything together. She had learned that Abba would take care of her. She had learned that it was okay to feel and to cry and to let go. She had learned that something, rather someone, was safe in her life: Abba.

The journey of a child unlearning the very skills that had helped her survive her early years of life was challenging. Yet she knew she was safe with Abba. When she realized she was safe, her heart began to move and feel things she had nearly never known before.

When little girl felt safe, she could deal with the feelings of joy and longing and fear that she had pushed aside for many years. What a journey this had been and what a journey this would be as Abba began to expand their relationship by sharing his family’s story with her.

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Interactions with Abba


Abba and little girl decided they would take a journey to the ocean just beyond the hills. Abba and little girl had visited there once before. They had been busy with many more important things.

Abba continually reminded little girl of how much he loved her and that he would always be with her no matter what. Abba’s love and his commitment to little girl changed things deep inside of little girl’s heart. Little girl was mostly unaware of this as it happened.

Little girl had lived through a lot before she got to Abba’s house. She had suffered many things that children should never have to suffer and Abba knew this. Abba knew so much more about little girl’s life and the workings of her heart that she did.

Abba loved little girl as only Abba could.

As little girl received Abba’s love, the insecurities and fears that little girl had considered normal began to go away. Abba noticed changes in little girl day by day.

Little girl knew things were changing but she didn’t quite realize that her whole life was being restored. She didn’t comprehend that her heart was becoming whole as she daily interacted with Abba.

Little girl wanted to run and play and live. She couldn’t wait to run on the open ocean shores with Abba right beside her.

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More than You Can Ask, Think or Imagine, Little Girl

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Little girl sat on Abba’s lap overlooking the hills and the distant sea. Despite the reality that Abba had adopted her and that she was sitting with him right now, her heart was gripped with fear again. She had had a dream the night before that reminded her heart of all she had been through in the past. The fears little girl had struggled with and pushed down hard in order to not fall apart took hold of her heart afresh.

Abba knew little girl so well. He comprehended her fears and her struggles. He was filled with compassion for her.

“Little girl,” Abba said as he gained her attention, “do you remember when I came and got you and brought you home?”

“Yes, Abba, I remember,” little girl said timidly.

“Do you remember that day? Do you remember what we talked about and what you shared with me?”

Little girl pondered for a moment, hesitant to respond, “Ummm…do you mean when I couldn’t hardly look in your eyes and I told you that I was fine? When I burst into tears when you picked me up and held me. I cried so hard and I couldn’t stop crying. For some reason I felt safe enough to cry but I was still so afraid…so, so afraid. I thought you would be like all the other fathers and mothers, all the others that said they were my family.”

Tears began to form and fall one by one on little girl’s cheek as she remembered that day and began to feel a mixture of emotions. She remembered the deep fears she had struggled with for such a long time but she also felt the safety and stability Abba’s love had given her.

Little girl’s heart began to feel free again and the sentiments of the past washed away as the tears flowed. These were tears of joy.

Tears flowed down Abba’s cheeks as well as His heart connected with all that was happening in little girl. He was not distant and apprehensive about giving His love away. He was acquainted with little girl’s heart and all of her ways, “I love you, little girl, so, so much! Always remember this. I am always with you. I will always be with you. I will always be your Father.”

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Missing Jacob

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Abba looked down at little girl while she twirled her long light brown locks. Little girl was thinking intently about something as she wrapped one piece of hair after another around her finger, staring at the ground as she did.

“Little girl, what are you thinking about?”

Little girl looked up at Abba a bit startled, having almost forgotten he was right there the whole time.

“I’m just missing some of my friends and brothers and sisters from before,” little girl said with an unsettled look on her face.

Little girl began to apologize to Abba for feeling sad when he interrupted her and picked her up, “I understand, little girl. I understand missing friends and family.” Abba looked at little girl as he said this and she saw something in his eyes she had never seen before. It was only for a moment but little girl saw a glimpse of the very emotions she had been feeling. She saw sadness somewhere deep inside Abba’s eyes.

Little girl wondered about this. Her curiosity was stirred, “Abba, are you sad?”

“I miss my family too. I miss my children so much.”

“Where are you other children? I have brothers and sisters?! How many other children do you have, Abba? Who are they? Where did they go?” Little girl asked excitedly but with concern. She was excited to have more brothers and sisters but she wondered why they weren’t at Abba’s house with her.

“Little girl, that’s a long story. I’ll share with you sometime soon about Jacob and his father Isaac and his grandfather Abraham. I’ll share with you about my son Israel,” Abba answered with a glint of hope in his eyes and joy in his voice. Little girl could see the love Abba had for these other children when he spoke of them.

“Please tell me, Abba. Please tell me about your other children that you miss. I want to know about my brothers and sisters. I want them to come home so I can meet them and play with them too,” little girl’s excitement and anticipation about this newfound understanding overtook the sadness she had felt just moments before.

“I’ll tell you about them soon, little girl, very soon.”

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