Interactions with Abba


Abba and little girl decided they would take a journey to the ocean just beyond the hills. Abba and little girl had visited there once before. They had been busy with many more important things.

Abba continually reminded little girl of how much he loved her and that he would always be with her no matter what. Abba’s love and his commitment to little girl changed things deep inside of little girl’s heart. Little girl was mostly unaware of this as it happened.

Little girl had lived through a lot before she got to Abba’s house. She had suffered many things that children should never have to suffer and Abba knew this. Abba knew so much more about little girl’s life and the workings of her heart that she did.

Abba loved little girl as only Abba could.

As little girl received Abba’s love, the insecurities and fears that little girl had considered normal began to go away. Abba noticed changes in little girl day by day.

Little girl knew things were changing but she didn’t quite realize that her whole life was being restored. She didn’t comprehend that her heart was becoming whole as she daily interacted with Abba.

Little girl wanted to run and play and live. She couldn’t wait to run on the open ocean shores with Abba right beside her.

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