Gaining Ground – Adventures in Trust


Abba and little girl had been on quite the adventure that took them far from the home she had come to know. They returned but little girl didn’t quite feel at home when she arrived back with Abba. The adventure had somehow changed her. Knowing more of her adopted family’s story had marked little girl’s heart in a surprising way.

Little girl had grown up fast in the surroundings she had lived in before being adopted by Abba. She had learned much very young. In her time with Abba, she had begun to learn what it was like to be a child. She had learned that she didn’t have to keep everything together. She had learned that Abba would take care of her. She had learned that it was okay to feel and to cry and to let go. She had learned that something, rather someone, was safe in her life: Abba.

The journey of a child unlearning the very skills that had helped her survive her early years of life was challenging. Yet she knew she was safe with Abba. When she realized she was safe, her heart began to move and feel things she had nearly never known before.

When little girl felt safe, she could deal with the feelings of joy and longing and fear that she had pushed aside for many years. What a journey this had been and what a journey this would be as Abba began to expand their relationship by sharing his family’s story with her.

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