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“Abba, can I just sit with you for awhile today?” Little girl said, standing right beside Abba’s chair. The look in little girl’s face was uneasy and almost distant as she waited to hear his response.

“Of course you can. You know you’re always welcome to sit with me, always welcome!” Abba said as he motioned her to jump up on his lap. “Why are you sad today, little girl?”

“I’m not sad, I mean, I’m just thinking about some things,” little girl almost stuttered through the words. Little girl had learned that Abba would always receive her, not begrudgingly out of duty but rather because he wanted to. She also knew he loved her a lot.

Despite what she had come to understand, little girl was afraid to share her heart with Abba today. She was nervous that he would not continue loving her because she still felt so insecure. She wondered if he would tire of her brokenness the way many before him had tired of her.

“Little girl, I’m not like them. I’m not like all the others. I’m not angry with you or sick of you because your heart hurts. I love you exactly the way you are today. You are not too much, my sweet girl, you are not too much. I love you beyond your comprehension and my love doesn’t wane.”

Abba held little girl tight as the tears of joy and sadness mixed together rolled down her face.

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4 thoughts on “Loved

  1. Shannon,

    This is me exactly. Wow. I don’t know what else to say except thank you for your honesty. I don’t like how much I struggle with this. I need so much patience and loving kindness, that I feel foolish asking for because I should believe without doubting and half the time I can’t see how he is loving me. Or it’s just that I want it a certain way and no matter how much I ask for it, he is silent. Cause he and I both know broken love won’t fulfill me, but he will. Ugh, I feel crazy. Visiting from fmf. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting and for your note. He is so good, so faithful and so incredibly patient with us as we learn to trust him and lean into him more and more. Grace and blessings to you today!

  2. Such a tender look at the Father’s love for us. I needed this vivid description of how He always welcomed us – a haven. In His arms. Dropped by because of #fmfparty.

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