Nothing to Lose

father-daughter - Version 2


“Nothing to lose, nothing to lose, nothing to lose,” little girl said this phrase over and over with determination, clenched fists and a resolve in her face as she walked up and down the little porch.

“What are you talking about, little girl?” asked Abba with a smile on his face as he watched her. He loved this child so much. He loved everything about her. He especially loved her fiery determination.

“Someone keeps telling me if I trust you I will lose myself and that I shouldn’t trust you so much. But I know it’s not true. I know I have nothing to lose with you because you’re my good Abba,” little girl said with confidence and conviction.

Little girl had never seen Abba so proud of her. She felt his delight in her as he smiled, “I love you, little girl. You’ve done so well. You’ve grown up so much and I’m so proud of you.”

As Abba finished speaking he picked little girl up and spun her around. Little girl laughed and her faced radiated with joy. She loved it when Abba picked her up and held her up high. Even more, she loved it so when she made Abba’s heart happy.

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I am joining with for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.


12 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose

  1. shannon, i love your stories too. i had a good but not perfect father. they remind me of the good times with him…and how our heavenly father is truly good in every way.

    • Thanks for your note of encouragement and for stopping by. I understand. He has done a lot of work in me and continues to work in my heart to trust him as Abba. Blessings to you!

  2. Little girl. Sometimes I forget that is my name too. I am little compared to God, but being little is rich and sweet because I don’t have to know all the answers or figure it all out. I can rest in His arms and laugh at my little-ness. Knowing He loves me so richly and deeply in my little ways is refreshing.
    I’m glad to get a glimpse of your little girl with Abba story.
    #7 at FMF

  3. Beautiful depiction of our relationship with our Father – and such a great insight of the reality behind ‘loss’. I know I dig in my heels and try to protect myself, but to get to that place of utter trust and faith – incredible!

  4. Shannon,
    you have hit my heart’s need right here. “She made Abba proud of her.”
    That’s what I need to hear. That I’ve made Him proud of me. That He’s not disappointed in me when I mess up. That was the lie I grew up under a false teacher. That our Heavenly Father was like a human-that He would be displeased and frowning and shaking His head and punishing us. There was no grace in my growing up church. My parents countered it, but you listen to the spiritual teachings and try to be obedient.
    Oh wow. Thank you. You have blessed me today!

    • So glad you came by and that these words touched you! His love is so much greater than we could ask for, think of or imagine. His love is incomprehensible to our small-hearted love that He is always looking to expand! Blessings to you!

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