The Heart of a Child

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Abba and little girl had lots of plans. First was their regular routine: little girl would go find Abba sitting in the rocking chair on the porch outside to sit with him for a while and to take in the beautiful green hills and sea in the distance. This was their start to everyday since little girl had come to Abba’s house.

Little girl had been a little unsure about Abba when she first arrived because of all the others she had stayed with who she thought would be her new dad or mom. Every new place she went to stay stirred hope in her heart that this would be her new home and her new family, yet time and time again she was disappointed. Because of this, little girl was apprehensive about Abba at first.

Abba knew this. Abba knew little girl’s heart. Abba had adopted many children before whose hearts had become sad and disappointed. He was no stranger to the brokenhearted. Nor was he a stranger to little ones who had been misused by the very ones that were supposed to care for them.

Abba knew the hearts of these little ones and he knew just the right words to speak that would bring life again. He knew what would help each one find their hope again. He was such a good father and he knew his children.

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