Painting the Sky with Abba

Childhood Beach Sea Sky Clouds Painting Desktop Wallpaper-2


“Would you like to create something with me?” Abba asked little girl with anticipation in his voice.

“What are we going to create?” little girl asked, staring up at him with wonder.

Abba reached down and picked up a paintbrush that was sitting on the ground beside him. There were numerous cans of paint there as well. Abba dipped his brush in a few different colors of paint. Then he brought the brush up in a broad sweeping motion going from one side to the other.

Little girl stared at the brush in awe as it moved from one side to the other. She saw beautiful colors and light and movement as the brush moved back and forth. She was amazed at all she was taking in, “What are you painting, Abba?”

“The sky. We’re going to paint the sky today!” Abba said as he dipped the brush in the different colors again and then lifted his brush and went from one side to the other. Brilliant colors and light followed everywhere Abba’s brush went and the sky lit up like little girl had never seen before.

“That’s beautiful, Abba! I love it!” little girl said, unable to take her eyes off of the glittering sky that sparkled here and flashed there. She was taken aback at what Abba had shown her today.

Link for Sharing: Painting the Sky with Abba

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7 thoughts on “Painting the Sky with Abba

  1. Shannon, your descriptions of how God invites us to join Him in creating, and how we can see His creation move me. I love that Abba paints the sky so brilliantly! The sunrises and sunsets He paints here in Colorado leave me speechless in wonder. 🙂

  2. Shannon,
    beautiful! His brushstrokes make the most glorious sunsets! The skies are among my favorite views. Thank you for the delight and wonder you’ve captured this week!
    (No post this week-we had Vacation Bible School and I was creating the illusion of “Tammypatra” for the kids as we went through Egypt with Joseph)
    Delighted as always to read your post!

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