Abba’s Love

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“You’re precious to me, little girl. Do you know that? Do you realize how much I love you and how much I want to be with you every single day?” Abba went on before little girl could even respond.

“You are my daughter, my beloved one. I’m so excited for you to more fully comprehend this,” Abba’s heart overflowed as little girl took in his words, phrase by wonderful phrase.

Little girl could barely take in this great love Abba had shown her and expressed to her day after day. She was learning and receiving, receiving and learning but it was challenging for her to comprehend how real this love was and how deep it went.

She took as much in as she could every day. She knew Abba was telling her the truth and she knew he wasn’t disappointed with her when she couldn’t quite understand how deep, wide and vast his love was for her.

Little girl began to realize that her struggles didn’t make Abba angry with her. She was grateful for this. She was so thankful to be able to come to him no matter how scared or sad she was because he just loved her and brought peace to her heart every time she did.

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