Just Walk


Photo Credit: kristendperkins.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: kristendperkins.wordpress.com

“Come on, sweet girl,” I heard Abba’s soothing voice as He picked me up off the ground, wiping the dust and gravel off of me, “You’ll be okay. Just walk. Just take one step at a time and follow after me. You can do it!”

I was confused at what had happened and why I had been on the ground in the first place. I couldn’t remember what had happened. I felt slightly out of sorts and my eyes seemed to burn just a little but I chose to focus on Abba’s voice.

I chose to listen to him as he encouraged me. He knew what had happened and what was next. He knew exactly what I needed and how to best take care of me. He told me to walk one step at a time and so that I would do.

Writing 31 Days about Abba’s Love


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