Much More Than Enough

“Abba, why don’t you get upset with me and punish me when I make a mistake? Why don’t you get angry and impatient with me when I’m slow to come to you?”

Little girl had gone over these thoughts and questions in her mind and heart time and time again. Abba responded to her so differently than the other fathers and mothers in her life had responded to her. Abba was never impatient with her. He was so different than the rest.

Finally, little girl felt compelled to ask him, and so she did.

Abba came down to little girl’s level and locked eyes with her, “Why would I get upset and angry with you? Why would I be impatient with you when I know you want to come straight to me yet you’re afraid? Why would I punish you when you’re just a child wanting to trust in my love for you? I have plenty of time, and plenty of patience, and plenty of love for you. Always remember this.”

With that, Abba picked little girl up and held her tight. He carried her again, like he said he would.


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