Love Beyond Measure


“Abba?” little girl looked up at Abba intently.

“Yes, little girl,” Abba answered, seeing the question and concern in little girl’s eyes. As soon as Abba saw this, little girl became anxious and looked away from these eyes that always exuded tenderness and kindness.

“I get so worried sometimes that I’m going to mess up and fail. I don’t want to disappoint you and make you sad that you adopted me,” tears formed in little girl’s eyes as she put words to the deep concerns that nearly overtook her heart every once in awhile.

“Little girl, look at me,” Abba spoke softly and took little girl’s face in his hands and turned her eyes back to his. “I love you, little girl. I chose you. Do you realize that I wanted you to be my daughter way before you were even born? Do you know that I’ve always loved you despite your fears and sadness and mistakes? You can’t cause me to love you any less. I’m not disappointed in you, or sad I adopted you, not at all! I’m so happy that you’re my daughter. I’m so proud of how you’re growing and learning to trust me more. I’m so excited about who you’re becoming. Little girl, I love you beyond measure the way you are, today. I’ve loved you beyond measure for such a long time.”

As Abba spoke, the sadness on little girl’s face slowly faded away and was replaced with a smile that came from the inside out. Her eyes were full of life as she received all that Abba spoke to her.


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Photo Credit – ™Getty Images

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