Running on the Hills

Credit to @deskgram/i_just_fly_the_drone

Abba’s house came into sight and little girl’s feet went from a brisk gait to a near sprint as she approached home from a long day’s walk. She had walked up and down the beautiful rolling hills for hours that had seemed like days. She had encountered and learned many things that Abba had told her about.

From Abba’s porch when she had sat on Abba’s lap she had only seen the hills from a distance and the magnitude of their height and their depth had been lost on little girl. Of course, that was soon after she had met Abba and had begun to realize she was home and that Abba was faithful and would never forget her nor leave her alone.

As she saw home from that little distance after a day away, where she had taken in new and wonderful things, she also saw Abba. He was waiting for her just where she’d bid him goodbye. As she saw Him again and ran towards Him, she realized how much she had missed Him and how thankful she was to be back home.