Hidden in Abba

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Abba and little girl walked and talked. They were having a wonderful day together by the sea.

“Abba, can I stay at with you forever? I love your house and I love getting to spend time with you every single day.”

Abba picked little girl up and embraced her. He was moved at her request, “Of course, sweet girl. You are my daughter now and you are always welcome in my home!”

Abba set little girl back down again and took her hand. They continued walking along the ocean shore. As they walked, the waves grew stronger and stronger. Little girl loved this but was also a little bit afraid of the vast expanse of water and the crashing sound as one wave after another came closer.

Little girl held up her arms to Abba. He picked her up again. She laid her head on his shoulder and watched the heavy waters come closer one at a time with a cadence filled with power.

Abba held onto little girl tightly. He knew she was trying to be courageous despite still feeling scared.

In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me;
He shall set me high upon a rock. Psalm 27

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The Heart of a Child

Photo Credit: pixdaus.com

Photo Credit: pixdaus.com

Abba and little girl had lots of plans. First was their regular routine: little girl would go find Abba sitting in the rocking chair on the porch outside to sit with him for a while and to take in the beautiful green hills and sea in the distance. This was their start to everyday since little girl had come to Abba’s house.

Little girl had been a little unsure about Abba when she first arrived because of all the others she had stayed with who she thought would be her new dad or mom. Every new place she went to stay stirred hope in her heart that this would be her new home and her new family, yet time and time again she was disappointed. Because of this, little girl was apprehensive about Abba at first.

Abba knew this. Abba knew little girl’s heart. Abba had adopted many children before whose hearts had become sad and disappointed. He was no stranger to the brokenhearted. Nor was he a stranger to little ones who had been misused by the very ones that were supposed to care for them.

Abba knew the hearts of these little ones and he knew just the right words to speak that would bring life again. He knew what would help each one find their hope again. He was such a good father and he knew his children.

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Nothing to Lose

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“Nothing to lose, nothing to lose, nothing to lose,” little girl said this phrase over and over with determination, clenched fists and a resolve in her face as she walked up and down the little porch.

“What are you talking about, little girl?” asked Abba with a smile on his face as he watched her. He loved this child so much. He loved everything about her. He especially loved her fiery determination.

“Someone keeps telling me if I trust you I will lose myself and that I shouldn’t trust you so much. But I know it’s not true. I know I have nothing to lose with you because you’re my good Abba,” little girl said with confidence and conviction.

Little girl had never seen Abba so proud of her. She felt his delight in her as he smiled, “I love you, little girl. You’ve done so well. You’ve grown up so much and I’m so proud of you.”

As Abba finished speaking he picked little girl up and spun her around. Little girl laughed and her faced radiated with joy. She loved it when Abba picked her up and held her up high. Even more, she loved it so when she made Abba’s heart happy.

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Known by Abba

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“Abba, I love you so much. I want you to come with me everywhere for my whole life,” said little girl with excitement mingled with expectation in her words.

“I’m so glad you feel that way, little girl. I’ll always be with you.” Abba said with joy unspeakable lighting up his countenance.

Little girl and Abba were both overflowing with delight as they thought about one another.

Little girl was overflowing with emotion at her life thus far. She couldn’t believe how Abba cared for her. The past and the challenges that had inundated every fabric of her being were so far from her now. Peace and joy had filled her and become her way of life.

Abba’s heart was nearly melting with tenderness for little girl. He knew today that something had changed and shifted in her. He knew that this was the next step into a new beginning in their walk one with another. He loved loving his children beyond imagination.

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Remembering the victims and all touched by Wednesday night’s terror attack in Tel Aviv, Israel. May the people of Israel know Abba’s heart for them today.
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I am joining with katemotaung.com for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.


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“Abba, can I just sit with you for awhile today?” Little girl said, standing right beside Abba’s chair. The look in little girl’s face was uneasy and almost distant as she waited to hear his response.

“Of course you can. You know you’re always welcome to sit with me, always welcome!” Abba said as he motioned her to jump up on his lap. “Why are you sad today, little girl?”

“I’m not sad, I mean, I’m just thinking about some things,” little girl almost stuttered through the words. Little girl had learned that Abba would always receive her, not begrudgingly out of duty but rather because he wanted to. She also knew he loved her a lot.

Despite what she had come to understand, little girl was afraid to share her heart with Abba today. She was nervous that he would not continue loving her because she still felt so insecure. She wondered if he would tire of her brokenness the way many before him had tired of her.

“Little girl, I’m not like them. I’m not like all the others. I’m not angry with you or sick of you because your heart hurts. I love you exactly the way you are today. You are not too much, my sweet girl, you are not too much. I love you beyond your comprehension and my love doesn’t wane.”

Abba held little girl tight as the tears of joy and sadness mixed together rolled down her face.

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Interactions with Abba


Abba and little girl decided they would take a journey to the ocean just beyond the hills. Abba and little girl had visited there once before. They had been busy with many more important things.

Abba continually reminded little girl of how much he loved her and that he would always be with her no matter what. Abba’s love and his commitment to little girl changed things deep inside of little girl’s heart. Little girl was mostly unaware of this as it happened.

Little girl had lived through a lot before she got to Abba’s house. She had suffered many things that children should never have to suffer and Abba knew this. Abba knew so much more about little girl’s life and the workings of her heart that she did.

Abba loved little girl as only Abba could.

As little girl received Abba’s love, the insecurities and fears that little girl had considered normal began to go away. Abba noticed changes in little girl day by day.

Little girl knew things were changing but she didn’t quite realize that her whole life was being restored. She didn’t comprehend that her heart was becoming whole as she daily interacted with Abba.

Little girl wanted to run and play and live. She couldn’t wait to run on the open ocean shores with Abba right beside her.

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More than You Can Ask, Think or Imagine, Little Girl

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Little girl sat on Abba’s lap overlooking the hills and the distant sea. Despite the reality that Abba had adopted her and that she was sitting with him right now, her heart was gripped with fear again. She had had a dream the night before that reminded her heart of all she had been through in the past. The fears little girl had struggled with and pushed down hard in order to not fall apart took hold of her heart afresh.

Abba knew little girl so well. He comprehended her fears and her struggles. He was filled with compassion for her.

“Little girl,” Abba said as he gained her attention, “do you remember when I came and got you and brought you home?”

“Yes, Abba, I remember,” little girl said timidly.

“Do you remember that day? Do you remember what we talked about and what you shared with me?”

Little girl pondered for a moment, hesitant to respond, “Ummm…do you mean when I couldn’t hardly look in your eyes and I told you that I was fine? When I burst into tears when you picked me up and held me. I cried so hard and I couldn’t stop crying. For some reason I felt safe enough to cry but I was still so afraid…so, so afraid. I thought you would be like all the other fathers and mothers, all the others that said they were my family.”

Tears began to form and fall one by one on little girl’s cheek as she remembered that day and began to feel a mixture of emotions. She remembered the deep fears she had struggled with for such a long time but she also felt the safety and stability Abba’s love had given her.

Little girl’s heart began to feel free again and the sentiments of the past washed away as the tears flowed. These were tears of joy.

Tears flowed down Abba’s cheeks as well as His heart connected with all that was happening in little girl. He was not distant and apprehensive about giving His love away. He was acquainted with little girl’s heart and all of her ways, “I love you, little girl, so, so much! Always remember this. I am always with you. I will always be with you. I will always be your Father.”

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