Love’s Safety


Little girl was growing up fast. Her time with Abba had marked and changed her heart and her life forever. Abba had loved her in such a profound way. She had always hoped and dreamed this kind of love was available. Her years of life before she came to Abba’s house and was adopted by him had nearly eroded her deep hope of finding acceptance and unconditional love.

Little girl had grown and changed so much in her years with Abba. She was so thankful for him and for his hand of kindness in her life.

Little girl was about to embark on a new challenge with Abba. He had called her to run upon the hills with him, to leave the comfort of just being with him and to go on a new adventure. She trusted Abba but she wondered what it would be like.

Little girl wondered and thought about her next adventure. She got worried and concerned, sad and afraid. The fears and the challenges of the next step in her journey with Abba began to overwhelm her. And sometimes she forgot she was going with Abba. She thought she would be on her own again.

Abba saw little girl sitting on the ground, her head down with a downcast look on her face. He stooped down right next to her and sat on the ground beside her. He lifted her chin, looked in her eyes and spoke straight into her soul. “Little girl, remember, we’re going on this journey together. Don’t forget that I’m the one who asked you to go and I will never leave you alone.”

Tears came to little girl’s eyes as she realized she had almost forgotten that Abba had invited her on this journey and that he was with her and would be with her every step of the way. Little girl jumped up and got in Abba’s lap. She leaned back, closed her eyes and breathed deep again.

“I will set him in the safety for which he yearns.” Psalm 12

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Getting Ready – The Next Step


What could be written about that brings more cheer than Abba’s love for His children. What could bring greater joy than knowing you have a father – a really, really good Father.

Getting Ready – The Next Step

Little girl decided she was ready for the next step on the journey. Abba had invited her, step by step, and they had gone on some adventures.

This adventure was different. This step was new. The journey was steady but this step would prove to be unique and wonderful for little girl.

Abba told little girl to pack all of her swimming gear and her favorite clothes for playing outside. Little girl was so excited at Abba’s instructions.

Little girl couldn’t wait to go swimming – she loved the freedom and lightness she felt as she moved swiftly through the water. She could do so many things in the water she couldn’t do on land.

“What are you thinking about? Your smile is covering your whole face!” Abba said, utterly delighted to see such joy on little girl’s face.

“I love swimming! I remember all the fun times I had swimming in the pool and in the lake. I’m so excited we get to swim!”

“I’m happy that you are happy, little girl. We’re going to have a wonderful time together. I can’t wait to introduce you to the waves and the ocean! This will be something new and different. You will love it!” Abba spoke these words, matching little girl’s excitement and joy with every single word.

“I can’t wait! I love you, Abba,” little girl said as she recalled the pictures she’d seen of the ocean shores and the huge crashing waves.

Abba and little girl would soon be in the midst of a unique and life-changing experience for little girl. Abba knew it. Little girl was just excited to go. She loved adventures with Abba.

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