Long ago pushed aside
Given up on
Put asunder as not to create
Frustration, or desperation
Too deep to bear

No thank you
Leave me to be where I am
Let me be thankful for what I have
Rather than longing for what I’ve lost

He looks down,
His eyes penetrating this heart
That His hands fashioned,
“It’s not too much, love.
The deep within
Given by Me,
Buried by you.
It’s not too pressed down,
Not too far gone
That it can’t be known again.”

An open heart and
an open life,
Nothing to lose
Nothing to hide

How can I possibly
Let my heart die
and at the same time
Say You’re alive

An institutionally-prepared religion
Upholding words, withholding heart
To ones desperately seeking,
to those crying out
Never what it (or I) was meant to be

Heartache births hope afresh
Brokenness draws You near
Let desire within,
Erupt into life without
That many may see
And that I may believe


Painting the Sky with Abba

Childhood Beach Sea Sky Clouds Painting Desktop Wallpaper-2


“Would you like to create something with me?” Abba asked little girl with anticipation in his voice.

“What are we going to create?” little girl asked, staring up at him with wonder.

Abba reached down and picked up a paintbrush that was sitting on the ground beside him. There were numerous cans of paint there as well. Abba dipped his brush in a few different colors of paint. Then he brought the brush up in a broad sweeping motion going from one side to the other.

Little girl stared at the brush in awe as it moved from one side to the other. She saw beautiful colors and light and movement as the brush moved back and forth. She was amazed at all she was taking in, “What are you painting, Abba?”

“The sky. We’re going to paint the sky today!” Abba said as he dipped the brush in the different colors again and then lifted his brush and went from one side to the other. Brilliant colors and light followed everywhere Abba’s brush went and the sky lit up like little girl had never seen before.

“That’s beautiful, Abba! I love it!” little girl said, unable to take her eyes off of the glittering sky that sparkled here and flashed there. She was taken aback at what Abba had shown her today.

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I am joining with for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Created for G-d


There is a heartbeat beating – ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. It is the heartbeat of the creator. It is the heartbeat of the one God. It is the heartbeat of Abba.

There is an ache inside the one and only God who created all things.

He created the molecules that make up the elements within the air that I breathe. He created the raw material that makes up my physical heart that beats and pumps blood and causes me to exist. He created my emotions, my soul, every part of me that feels and desires and wills and wants. This was brought into existence because of his desire. By his will I exist. Every part of my life that speaks, speaks because of his plan and his longing for me.

By his will you exist. You live and breathe and have being because God himself wanted you here. Every living being was created by God. Every person on the earth today, throughout history and for the rest of the existence of humanity was created by God. Whether you love him, you hate him, or you want him not to exist, he made you and he wants you still. You can wish he wasn’t there because of the suffering of your life, but you cannot will him away. He exists and he will always exist. He never did not exist.

All the brilliant thoughts of man are incomparable to the reality that we think because God is. He created and stewarded our minds to think. He fashioned and formed all humanity in his own image. You think because he is. You feel because he is. You live because he wanted you to live. You are a part of his family because he desired you to be. He wanted every human he created to be a part of his family because he is Abba. He is a father in his very essence.

He will continue to exist far beyond my life, your life and the lives of all those yet to be born. All things exist because of him. Everything good exists because of him. The ability to offer your love to him was given by him. The ability to love at all was instilled inside of us by him because we’ve been made like him. He is our creator and he is a father and he is the only one good. Nothing apart from him is good on its own. He gave us the ability to love him. He gave us the intent of heart and the emotions within to love. Love is from God and he loves us as his creation. He wants us to offer ourselves back to him freely in love because of the love he showed to us.

He gave us love, life and the ability to freely choose him. The choice between life and death, good and evil were given by him. Choose to love him. Choose life and good. Choose to follow him all the days of your life.

Kind G-d

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:



Kind G-d

You gather me in
You gather Your people home
You gather, You scatter
Holy are You

G-d of the whole earth
Abba to Israel
There is none like You
You scatter, You gather
Holy are You

You’ve called me near
You’ve drawn me in
Your kindness is inexplicable
Your love unrestrained
towards me when I have nothing to bring

This is how You are
This is who You are
You, who formed all things
You, who breathed breath and life came forth
You, who created the heavens and the earth
You, who made me
Who wanted me near

Who is like You?
Great G-d
Beautiful Abba
Lover of my soul
Keeper of my heart

Thank You for gathering me near