Abba’s Arms

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Abba’s Arms

Little girl woke up with a question on her heart. Little girl often had questions but it was a bit unusual for her to wake up with a question this deep.

“Do you promise, Abba? Do you promise?”

The question kept running around in little girl’s heart and mind upon waking and as she got out of bed. Little girl couldn’t wait to run straight to Abba to tell him about her question. She jumped out of bed and ran to the place Abba sat and waited for her every morning.

“Abba!” little girl said almost breathless, “Do you promise? Abba, do you promise? I can’t quit thinking about it, Abba.”

“Good morning, sweet girl. Come and sit in my lap,” he said as he picked her up and set her in the place on his lap she had found to be the safest and most wonderful place in the whole world.

Once little girl was on his lap, the question faded from her mind. She laid her head on his chest and let her heart be stilled.

“Little girl, I love you so. Forever and ever I’ll love you! I’ve loved you since before you were born. What was your question, my beautiful girl?”

Little girl turned to look up at Abba as he spoke these words that were full of life for little girl’s heart. Upon seeing Abba’s eyes that held eternity inside of them, little girl turned back around and just let herself be held in Abba’s arms where the promise made itself known.

Abba’s Embrace

Abba, Embrace

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart
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Day 4: Embrace

Little girl had fallen fast asleep in Abba’s embrace. She had such a wonderful dream about the family she finally got to be a part of and Abba and following him around everywhere.

She had loved the dream so much that when she began to wake up she wasn’t sure if she wanted to wake up. She wondered for a moment if everything that she remembered had actually happened. As the question passed through her mind, she felt Abba’s embrace. She knew it was all real because she was still sitting in Abba’s lap.

She was sitting in Abba’s lap and she knew it was safest place in the whole world.

She was so excited to look at him and talk to him, but she waited and pretended to be asleep because she never wanted to leave Abba’s embrace. Abba knew she was pretending but waited patiently. He knew she hadn’t felt rested and safe in a long, long time.

Abba was in no hurry. He loved to care for this little one. He loved to care for all of his kids.

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