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“Abba, can I just sit with you for awhile today?” Little girl said, standing right beside Abba’s chair. The look in little girl’s face was uneasy and almost distant as she waited to hear his response.

“Of course you can. You know you’re always welcome to sit with me, always welcome!” Abba said as he motioned her to jump up on his lap. “Why are you sad today, little girl?”

“I’m not sad, I mean, I’m just thinking about some things,” little girl almost stuttered through the words. Little girl had learned that Abba would always receive her, not begrudgingly out of duty but rather because he wanted to. She also knew he loved her a lot.

Despite what she had come to understand, little girl was afraid to share her heart with Abba today. She was nervous that he would not continue loving her because she still felt so insecure. She wondered if he would tire of her brokenness the way many before him had tired of her.

“Little girl, I’m not like them. I’m not like all the others. I’m not angry with you or sick of you because your heart hurts. I love you exactly the way you are today. You are not too much, my sweet girl, you are not too much. I love you beyond your comprehension and my love doesn’t wane.”

Abba held little girl tight as the tears of joy and sadness mixed together rolled down her face.

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Faithful Abba

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 20: Temporary

Little girl laid in bed thinking about her life. She thought about Abba and then she thought back on all the parents and sisters and brothers who had temporarily been in her life before.

Little girl knew this was different. She knew something had changed forever this time. She had been through “transitions” and placements before, sometimes with promises made that were never kept, but this time it was different.

Abba was different. Everything he ever said was truthful and accurate. Every word he spoke was trustworthy and he followed it up with action.

Abba didn’t simply have good intentions. He did what was right and good and true. He was selfless. He gave his all for little girl. He gave his all for his family. His door was always open.

Abba was unique. Little girl’s heart overflowed with love for him as she pondered the beautiful gifts Abba had given her. He loved her in word and deed. He always did what he said he would do.

Abba had been so faithful to little girl and to all his children. He embodied what the best of fathers and the best of mothers only hoped to be.

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the living hope of the living G-d

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:

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the living hope of the living G-d


Sometimes we think G-d is not like us. We think He is unfeeling and uncaring and far away from our anguish, far away from comprehending our deepest joys. Yet this is not true. This is not who He is. He is filled with affection and emotion. He created us in His image to feel and live fully and love deeply. He is not aloof and arrogant. He is not expectantly waiting for us to fail so that He can show us how pathetic we are. This is not G-d. He doesn’t look upon the suffering of His people and turn His love away. He isn’t mean like man. He doesn’t lie nor change who He is. His words stand and His decrees are written in eternity.

There is living hope deep within the heart of G-d for a people He created for Himself, a people He called His firstborn Son, a people He put His name upon forever, His people Israel. The Holy One of Israel aches for His people. He knows their history. He remembers their days of rejoicing. He holds in His heart their days of suffering. He has not forgotten. He continually remembers the plight and experience of His people. He suffered with them. In the fullness of time, they will comprehend that He was with them.

It beseeches all who live for and believe in the one G-d to lay hold of the heart of G-d for His people Israel. As the nations rage against the people of Israel once again, lay hold of His heart. Take courage and learn to stand with Him. Lay hold of His heart and love whom He loves. To the Jew first, then to the Gentile.

to trust Him completely

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:

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to trust Him completely

I’m pretty sure I’m G-d’s favorite, or more accurately, I’m favored by G-d. Why do I think that? Because I want to follow Him wholeheartedly and trust Him completely, and because I’m His child.

Israel is G-d’s favored people, even today. No question and no doubt about it. Why? He chose Abraham and made a people to be His own from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob (who became Israel)

G-d was so excited to have a people to be with, to dwell with, to talk with, to walk with, to show all the peoples how wonderful He was. G-d was so happy to have a man, Abraham, say yes to Him and answer Him when He called. Yet Abraham didn’t just answer, Abraham was obedient and followed Him where G-d asked him to go.

It’s always been like this. G-d has always sought out ones after His own heart, ones who desire to trust Him completely, who will follow Him wholeheartedly. G-d always desired to dwell with people, and bring them into His family. He is always the same. He has never changed. He wanted to walk and talk and be with the people He created. He promised Abraham through covenant so many wonderful things and He will not change His mind, because Abraham loved Him and followed Him. He will always keep His word and His promises because this is who He is – faithful.


Your Kindness

Your Kindness

Abba, are You really that kind and that good
Is what You say what You do

How much do You desire that I love You freely,
Without fear
and without shame
How much do You want me to run into You,
into Your arms when I am afraid
when darkness is too close to discern
How much comfort is available in Your heart for me

Abba, G-d of wonder, beautiful Servant
You have awed me with Your love
You have made Yourself known to this heart
that barely believed love was real

Your love, without conditions,
has shaped my heart
Your love has awakened real love
through which life and light can shine

How could I ever express my thankfulness to You
How could I ever give enough
My whole life is at Your dispense
and I make that choice again

For You are my life
You are my source
You are my strength
and You have become my salvation

No one compares
No darkness comprehends
Nothing can come close
to all that You have done for me

You truly are all I have
All my fountains are in You
There is none like You
Not one besides You
You heal and transform
the hearts of men
There is none who removes the blindness of eyes
and the hardness of heart
except You
You alone can soften this heart
You alone can help me see
You alone can heal this life

G-d who is worthy of all praise and thankfulness
G-d who created all things,
by Your will I exist,
for Your pleasure I was created
Therefore, I give it all back to You
I give all I am and all I have back to You

You are my Love,
You are my Life,
You are my Source,
and my Strength
You have become My salvation

the One whom my soul desires

As things get busier and life remains challenging
Stopping and reflecting becomes the forgotten art
between myself and my Maker

In some seasons
loss seems synonymous with life
Death of a loved one,
And seeming forgottenness pervade my reality
Disappointments creep up in my mind
and cause my heart to remember
what may be better left forgotten

The difficulties of life show themselves stronger
than I used to think they would be

Yet, despite it all
And greater than I could have imagined
is You
You are My Maker, My Creator,
You are My Beautiful Friend,
The true and only real Companion of my soul
I found You, You found me
What more could I ever have wanted for
You are the One my soul desires
My Beautiful G-d, My Benevolent Maker

His love is enough – day 14

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Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Today’s Prompt: Away

His love is enough

I can’t run away
from You,
From Your unrelenting, persevering love
Your love chases me down
When I’m not sure if anyone’s there
or if anyone cares,
Your love wraps all around me
You bring me to my knees
My heart feels Your mercy
The tears begin to fall
No matter the pain, or darkness,
No matter the anguish I’ve known
Your love reaches me
Your love chases me down

You have a son, Father
Your son is Israel
He cannot, will not get away from Your love
Abba, Father
If Your love is enough for me
Your love is enough
Your love is more than enough for Your beloved Son
Your beautiful one
Abba, may Your lovingkindness that chases me down
Bring Your people near once again
May Your tender mercy fall upon their hearts
May Your beautiful love draw them in
Abba, Your love is enough
For all of Israel’s pain and suffering

Israel, He sees, He knows, He comprehends all your ways
Let Him in again
He will heal Your broken heart
He will comfort your shaken soul
He is enough
And His desire is for you, O Israel
Abba longs that you come home

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