Hey Little Girl

“Hey little girl,” Abba said as little girl stared up at him with a restless look, waiting to hear what he would say to her.

“Be still. Peace is yours, my sweet girl. You have nothing to fear or worry about. I have it all figured out. I’ll tell you when it’s time. Let’s go on a little walk,” with that Abba turned around and began to walk towards the beautiful hills, taking one large step at a time. He would turn around to make sure little girl was following and she did. She was so close behind him almost stepping on the backs of his heels to keep up with him.

“Little girl, I see your heart. This isn’t too difficult. I have a wonderful plan for you. I know you’ve been waiting all this time and wanting all that I have for you. I know. I understand. I remember the time. I won’t forget about you or leave you behind. Just follow me. I have wonderful things in store for you, wonderful things.”

“Are you sure, Abba?” Little girl said quietly, wondering about what Abba had just said and remembering the difficulties of her earlier years.

“Little girl, come here,” Abba spoke these words and picked her up. He held her tightly in his arms once again. Little’s girls tears came down one after another as she let go and let him show her once again how much he loved her.


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More than You Can Ask, Think or Imagine, Little Girl

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Little girl sat on Abba’s lap overlooking the hills and the distant sea. Despite the reality that Abba had adopted her and that she was sitting with him right now, her heart was gripped with fear again. She had had a dream the night before that reminded her heart of all she had been through in the past. The fears little girl had struggled with and pushed down hard in order to not fall apart took hold of her heart afresh.

Abba knew little girl so well. He comprehended her fears and her struggles. He was filled with compassion for her.

“Little girl,” Abba said as he gained her attention, “do you remember when I came and got you and brought you home?”

“Yes, Abba, I remember,” little girl said timidly.

“Do you remember that day? Do you remember what we talked about and what you shared with me?”

Little girl pondered for a moment, hesitant to respond, “Ummm…do you mean when I couldn’t hardly look in your eyes and I told you that I was fine? When I burst into tears when you picked me up and held me. I cried so hard and I couldn’t stop crying. For some reason I felt safe enough to cry but I was still so afraid…so, so afraid. I thought you would be like all the other fathers and mothers, all the others that said they were my family.”

Tears began to form and fall one by one on little girl’s cheek as she remembered that day and began to feel a mixture of emotions. She remembered the deep fears she had struggled with for such a long time but she also felt the safety and stability Abba’s love had given her.

Little girl’s heart began to feel free again and the sentiments of the past washed away as the tears flowed. These were tears of joy.

Tears flowed down Abba’s cheeks as well as His heart connected with all that was happening in little girl. He was not distant and apprehensive about giving His love away. He was acquainted with little girl’s heart and all of her ways, “I love you, little girl, so, so much! Always remember this. I am always with you. I will always be with you. I will always be your Father.”

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Abba’s Delight

I am joining with katemotaung.com for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

The prompt is:

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Abba picked little girl up and spun her around. Little girl loved being spun around by Abba. Abba was so happy today. Abba loved little girl so much and was so glad that she was his.

“Little girl, do you have any idea how much I love you?!” Abba exclaimed. “It’s wonderful having you in the family! You will always be my daughter.”

Little girl’s heart drank these words in as if they were water quenching a deep thirst on a very hot day. As she received his words and his affection, her heart came alive afresh.

Abba’s words were so much more than just words. His words were like power and life and love and joy and so many good and wonderful things. Abba’s words sunk deep inside little girl’s being. She basked in his words and just being with him. Little girl was so glad to be Abba’s daughter.

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Created for G-d


There is a heartbeat beating – ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. It is the heartbeat of the creator. It is the heartbeat of the one God. It is the heartbeat of Abba.

There is an ache inside the one and only God who created all things.

He created the molecules that make up the elements within the air that I breathe. He created the raw material that makes up my physical heart that beats and pumps blood and causes me to exist. He created my emotions, my soul, every part of me that feels and desires and wills and wants. This was brought into existence because of his desire. By his will I exist. Every part of my life that speaks, speaks because of his plan and his longing for me.

By his will you exist. You live and breathe and have being because God himself wanted you here. Every living being was created by God. Every person on the earth today, throughout history and for the rest of the existence of humanity was created by God. Whether you love him, you hate him, or you want him not to exist, he made you and he wants you still. You can wish he wasn’t there because of the suffering of your life, but you cannot will him away. He exists and he will always exist. He never did not exist.

All the brilliant thoughts of man are incomparable to the reality that we think because God is. He created and stewarded our minds to think. He fashioned and formed all humanity in his own image. You think because he is. You feel because he is. You live because he wanted you to live. You are a part of his family because he desired you to be. He wanted every human he created to be a part of his family because he is Abba. He is a father in his very essence.

He will continue to exist far beyond my life, your life and the lives of all those yet to be born. All things exist because of him. Everything good exists because of him. The ability to offer your love to him was given by him. The ability to love at all was instilled inside of us by him because we’ve been made like him. He is our creator and he is a father and he is the only one good. Nothing apart from him is good on its own. He gave us the ability to love him. He gave us the intent of heart and the emotions within to love. Love is from God and he loves us as his creation. He wants us to offer ourselves back to him freely in love because of the love he showed to us.

He gave us love, life and the ability to freely choose him. The choice between life and death, good and evil were given by him. Choose to love him. Choose life and good. Choose to follow him all the days of your life.


I am joining with katemotaung.com for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

The prompt is:




Abba and little girl played for what seemed like hours. Little girl loved playing with Abba. This was a new and exciting part of little girl’s life. Little girl was so full of life after running and playing and having fun with her father.

Within moments of feeling such joy and life, little girl was bombarded with thoughts of the past. None of her foster fathers had played with her like this before. She had been told that fathers didn’t have time to play with their little girls, especially foster girls. She had been taught that they were busy with other important matters. Playing with their little girl was simply not as important as other things in a father’s world.

Abba was looking at little girl as these thoughts went through her mind. The smile on her face had slowly faded away. He knew her thoughts and he could see the sadness in her eyes.

“Little girl,” Abba’s voice broke into little girl’s thoughts.

Little girl could barely look in Abba’s direction in this moment. The familiar cloak of shame had begun to touch her heart.

“Little girl, let’s go sit together and talk,” Abba said as he picked little girl up and looked at her with delight in his eyes.

“I love you, little girl. You’re worth every moment I spend with you. I have all the time in the world for you and I love spending time with you. Nothing could be more important to me than being with you and seeing you filled with joy. And always remember, I am your father.”

Abba’s words pierced little girl’s heart. His words and his actions shouted so much louder than the lies little girl had been told about what fathers were like.

Little girl looked at Abba with excitement in her eyes, “Can we go play more?”

Abba set her down and started running, “Come on. Let’s race!”

Little girl started running. The shame and fear left her as love and joy filled her heart again.

Dancing to Abba’s Song

I am joining with katemotaung.com for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:

dance - Version 2

Dancing to Abba’s Song

Little girl woke up extra early that Friday morning. She jumped out of bed and almost ran right for the chair where Abba sat every morning waiting for her to come and sit in his lap.

Before she ran to join him, she heard a beautiful sound she didn’t quite recognize at first. She stopped to wait and listen. Then she recognized what she was hearing and she was moved.

The beautiful sound was Abba’s voice as he sang a song of love. But it wasn’t just any song of love. It was a song of love he was singing about little girl. As he sang about how much he loved her, she thought her heart had skipped a beat. She was so full of joy she wanted to cry. She simply couldn’t contain everything she felt.

As she heard Abba’s voice, she jumped up and down and twirled around and danced a dance expressing the joy of being Abba’s child. Once again, little girl was overwhelmed with gratitude at all Abba had done for her.

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You are Mine

Abba, I Belong to You 4

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 17: Offer

Little girl woke up one morning tossing and turning. She dreamt that she had to leave Abba’s house. She awoke filled with fear, wondering what was true.

She ran to find Abba. He was sitting outside watching the sunrise over those hills He remembered so well. He heard little girl steadily approaching. He waited for her to jump into his lap like she did every morning.

She got to him and she stopped short. She stared at the ground beneath her feet. She wouldn’t look up. This saddened Abba’s heart. He quickly got on his knees, picked her up and lifted her eyes to look right into his.

Little girl tried to look away because she felt sadness and then shame at the idea of having to leave. Abba moved her gaze back to his eyes filled with love for her.

“Little girl, I have an offer for you. How about you give me your sadness today and I’ll give you my joy.”

“But do I have to leave?” little girl whispered.

“NEVER,” Abba exclaimed with boldness, “You never have to leave. You are mine forever! I adopted you forever.”

The sadness little girl had been cloaked in lifted and she remembered the day of her adoption and she believed Abba.

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