His Heart Engraved – day 7

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His Heart Engraved

As I began to see the characters change in the guidebook of my life
The pictures and imaginations of my own making slowly fading away
I stood before You, I asked for Your heart
You said, “Okay, that I will give to you. That I love to share. I’m delighted every time you ask.”
You took that map of those peoples, ethnos, nations You placed there
And You emphatically pressed it into my heart, into my being
With one nation, one people at the very center
Israel, Jerusalem, the center of the earth
And the center of Your heart

My heart shifted and my life changed
From that moment on
I bore the peoples before You as an intercessor
I carried Your heart as a prophet
And at the very center was Your firstborn people,
Your chosen ones, Israel, Jacob,
“My Son,” You called him

May the heart of the One G-d,
The desire of Abba, our Father
For His firstborn son, Israel
Be stamped upon our hearts
Be planted deep within us
That we would stand with Him
Looking for the restoration of Israel
All of our days
With all of our hearts

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