This is Real Life

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:



This is Real Life

You are more real than anything
I’ve ever tasted
You are more real than anything
I could ever have wanted
You are more real than anything
I desired
and all You desire is that I choose You, Your life, Your love
You are more real than all the things I hoped for, wanted, or sought out
Thank You for the essence of who You are, Your authentic love for me

You are more real than any love I’ve ever known
You love is great
Your kindness is unsearchable

G-d of glory
Abba of my heart
Creator of thunder and lightning
G-d of gods
King of the whole earth
Holy One of Israel
There is none like You

Chief among ten thousand
G-d of Abraham,
G-d of Isaac,
G-d of Jacob
You are the one G-d
The real G-d
The living One

The reality of who You are
Penetrating the essence of me
My soul laid bare before You
The reality of Your love
Breathing life into this weary soul
Life for death
Light for darkness
Love for abandonment

You are the beautiful God
Filled with life
There’s nothing more real than You
There’s nothing more authentic than living before You

There is none before You
There is none after You
You love me
I love You
This is real life

the labor of His soul – day 13

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

31 Days edit big

the labor of His soul

Praying with G-d for the brokenhearted ones
Laboring with the holy One on behalf of the afflicted
Toiling that one may find life eternal, and now

The labor of love
A life given, not taken
The labor of His soul shall be satisfied
The people of His heart
and the people of His blood
Not forgotten,
Not forsaken

The people He came from
Unaware of all He did, and all He said
but mostly unaware of His great love for them
Rejected, left alone, not cared for

O Abba,
May the heart cries of Your firstborn throughout the ages come up
to Your ears and bring hope and life eternal back down to their hearts

O Abba,
May the labor of His soul be satisfied

O Abba,
May Your heart’s desire for the people of Israel be made known

The labor of love
The desire of Your heart
to say to all who are thirsty, “Come!”
That the living water of life be poured out
May the light be shed abroad in the heart of Israel today

For Zion’s sake I will not be silent
For Jerusalem’s sake I will not hold My peace
Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness
and her salvation as a lamp that burns 1

Zion, Jerusalem, Israel
Come home
Draw Near
He waits for You

1 Isaiah 62:1

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unveiling – day 6

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Today’s Prompt: Know


As my heart began to be awakened
I began to see everything differently
My heart began to perceive and know
That something absolutely amazing was tied up in this people
Called Israel

As I began to see and know,
A part of me was transformed from the inside out
I began to see the story I had believed
In a vastly different light
From a very different world
In a context unfamiliar
Yet at the heart level, oh so familiar

I began to perceive a story
from a particular place
with a particular people
And wondered if all I’d imagined before
Might just not be

The stories themselves hadn’t changed
but the people at the center,
the people of the Book, as they’d been called,
Had never left the pages
Yet the presuppositions and explanations of it
Had nearly forgotten its origins

And the story continues…

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A Prayer for Israel Today

This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it
The above phrase washes over my soul as the Shabbat ends in Israel
Along with the end of Shabbat, is the beginning of rocket fire once again
Because the enemies didn’t agree to allow
More time for the humanitarian aid of their people

Abba, help Your people Israel,
Abba, help the Arab people,
Bring life and hope
Bring deliverance within and without

The enemy surrounding vows Israel’s annihilation
No peace, no life, no desire for the Jewish people to live
When the enemy worships death
There is no possibility for shalom

Mighty G-d of Israel, please fight for Israel
Mighty G-d of Israel, please fight against those who fight against You
Mighty G-d of Israel, have compassion on the people of Israel
Mighty G-d of Israel, rescue lives today

Deliver children today from death and destruction
Deliver children from fear with Your perfect love
May Your Name go forth today
May Your heart be made known to children all throughout Israel,
to Jewish children, to Arab children, to other children,
Make Yourself known
Abba, raise up a generation among the least and make them beloved
and great in Your sight
May these young ones love Your name and love Your Kingdom, beyond understanding

Make Yourself known and pour forth life
Preserve the lives of the young soldiers of Israel
Preserve the lives of the Arab people in Gaza
Preserve the lives of Your people Israel, the Jewish people throughout the Land
Rescue the wicked from the darkness that surrounds and bring Your light
throughout Israel today

May You, the G-d of life and the Giver of life
Bring forth life today
May You, the G-d of Israel
Reveal Yourself as the One G-d, the only G-d,
The righteous One, Holy and true forever