the labor of His soul – day 13

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the labor of His soul

Praying with G-d for the brokenhearted ones
Laboring with the holy One on behalf of the afflicted
Toiling that one may find life eternal, and now

The labor of love
A life given, not taken
The labor of His soul shall be satisfied
The people of His heart
and the people of His blood
Not forgotten,
Not forsaken

The people He came from
Unaware of all He did, and all He said
but mostly unaware of His great love for them
Rejected, left alone, not cared for

O Abba,
May the heart cries of Your firstborn throughout the ages come up
to Your ears and bring hope and life eternal back down to their hearts

O Abba,
May the labor of His soul be satisfied

O Abba,
May Your heart’s desire for the people of Israel be made known

The labor of love
The desire of Your heart
to say to all who are thirsty, “Come!”
That the living water of life be poured out
May the light be shed abroad in the heart of Israel today

For Zion’s sake I will not be silent
For Jerusalem’s sake I will not hold My peace
Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness
and her salvation as a lamp that burns 1

Zion, Jerusalem, Israel
Come home
Draw Near
He waits for You

1 Isaiah 62:1

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Abba, please come

Have you ever felt desperate in waiting
The knowledge that if He doesn’t come
There’s no way forward for you

Desperate, pressed beyond measure
Wondering if He’ll ever come

Will You come
You say You will
You said You would
You’ve done it before

O Abba, My Father
I need Your help today
I need Your help more than I did yesterday
I need Your life and Your light and Your hope
to break in and lead Me to the water that is living,
to the rock that is higher

Abba, make a way where there seems to be no way
Abba, make a way for Israel
Where there seems to be no safe place
Find Israel a home in You
Let Israel find their rest in You

Abba, You are good, You are kind
This is not in vain
Let my life and my losses
not be in vain
Let the ache of my heart be satisfied in You
Let the ache of Israel’s heart be satisfied in You

Thank you Abba
You are a good Abba

desperate reach

Reaching, pressing, pulling, desperately hoping
something will give in the wrestle I find myself in
with the One who holds my soul.

I try, G-d, You know I do.
I try to find You here,
and I try to find You there
yet it seems as if You’ve found a place just beyond my reach, maybe hidden in plain sight.

I’m afraid to even ask or presume a question that hints of accusation against You. Yet, in certain moments, when the pain seems too much again, my soul seems to bubble up with allegations against the only One whom I can trust. The terrifying place of looking at this broken heart and letting it feel. The fearful thought that if this heart really gets to feel will I make it back to gather myself into the person whose fragments have fallen down all around my feet.

Deliverer, deliver me. Saviour, save me. If You hear me, please help. If you hear me, please let me know. If You hear me, please answer. G-d, I believe, help the unbelief that scars my soul.

I can’t trust You without You helping me. I can’t find You unless You let me see. I can’t hear You unless You unstop these ears.

I cry out again, Abba, Abba, Abba, please come.
I love You, You know I do.
I need You.
I can’t make it in this desert alone.
I need a drink from You, for You are living water.
Fill this soul with living water.
Lead me to the water that I may know how to drink.
Oh G-d I need You, I desperately do.