Abba’s Love

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“You’re precious to me, little girl. Do you know that? Do you realize how much I love you and how much I want to be with you every single day?” Abba went on before little girl could even respond.

“You are my daughter, my beloved one. I’m so excited for you to more fully comprehend this,” Abba’s heart overflowed as little girl took in his words, phrase by wonderful phrase.

Little girl could barely take in this great love Abba had shown her and expressed to her day after day. She was learning and receiving, receiving and learning but it was challenging for her to comprehend how real this love was and how deep it went.

She took as much in as she could every day. She knew Abba was telling her the truth and she knew he wasn’t disappointed with her when she couldn’t quite understand how deep, wide and vast his love was for her.

Little girl began to realize that her struggles didn’t make Abba angry with her. She was grateful for this. She was so thankful to be able to come to him no matter how scared or sad she was because he just loved her and brought peace to her heart every time she did.

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Known by Abba

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“Abba, I love you so much. I want you to come with me everywhere for my whole life,” said little girl with excitement mingled with expectation in her words.

“I’m so glad you feel that way, little girl. I’ll always be with you.” Abba said with joy unspeakable lighting up his countenance.

Little girl and Abba were both overflowing with delight as they thought about one another.

Little girl was overflowing with emotion at her life thus far. She couldn’t believe how Abba cared for her. The past and the challenges that had inundated every fabric of her being were so far from her now. Peace and joy had filled her and become her way of life.

Abba’s heart was nearly melting with tenderness for little girl. He knew today that something had changed and shifted in her. He knew that this was the next step into a new beginning in their walk one with another. He loved loving his children beyond imagination.

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Remembering the victims and all touched by Wednesday night’s terror attack in Tel Aviv, Israel. May the people of Israel know Abba’s heart for them today.
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Interactions with Abba


Abba and little girl decided they would take a journey to the ocean just beyond the hills. Abba and little girl had visited there once before. They had been busy with many more important things.

Abba continually reminded little girl of how much he loved her and that he would always be with her no matter what. Abba’s love and his commitment to little girl changed things deep inside of little girl’s heart. Little girl was mostly unaware of this as it happened.

Little girl had lived through a lot before she got to Abba’s house. She had suffered many things that children should never have to suffer and Abba knew this. Abba knew so much more about little girl’s life and the workings of her heart that she did.

Abba loved little girl as only Abba could.

As little girl received Abba’s love, the insecurities and fears that little girl had considered normal began to go away. Abba noticed changes in little girl day by day.

Little girl knew things were changing but she didn’t quite realize that her whole life was being restored. She didn’t comprehend that her heart was becoming whole as she daily interacted with Abba.

Little girl wanted to run and play and live. She couldn’t wait to run on the open ocean shores with Abba right beside her.

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Created for G-d


There is a heartbeat beating – ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. It is the heartbeat of the creator. It is the heartbeat of the one God. It is the heartbeat of Abba.

There is an ache inside the one and only God who created all things.

He created the molecules that make up the elements within the air that I breathe. He created the raw material that makes up my physical heart that beats and pumps blood and causes me to exist. He created my emotions, my soul, every part of me that feels and desires and wills and wants. This was brought into existence because of his desire. By his will I exist. Every part of my life that speaks, speaks because of his plan and his longing for me.

By his will you exist. You live and breathe and have being because God himself wanted you here. Every living being was created by God. Every person on the earth today, throughout history and for the rest of the existence of humanity was created by God. Whether you love him, you hate him, or you want him not to exist, he made you and he wants you still. You can wish he wasn’t there because of the suffering of your life, but you cannot will him away. He exists and he will always exist. He never did not exist.

All the brilliant thoughts of man are incomparable to the reality that we think because God is. He created and stewarded our minds to think. He fashioned and formed all humanity in his own image. You think because he is. You feel because he is. You live because he wanted you to live. You are a part of his family because he desired you to be. He wanted every human he created to be a part of his family because he is Abba. He is a father in his very essence.

He will continue to exist far beyond my life, your life and the lives of all those yet to be born. All things exist because of him. Everything good exists because of him. The ability to offer your love to him was given by him. The ability to love at all was instilled inside of us by him because we’ve been made like him. He is our creator and he is a father and he is the only one good. Nothing apart from him is good on its own. He gave us the ability to love him. He gave us the intent of heart and the emotions within to love. Love is from God and he loves us as his creation. He wants us to offer ourselves back to him freely in love because of the love he showed to us.

He gave us love, life and the ability to freely choose him. The choice between life and death, good and evil were given by him. Choose to love him. Choose life and good. Choose to follow him all the days of your life.

Abba’s Love

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Encountering Abba’s Heart

Abba’s Love

“Good morning, Abba! I need your help today,” little girl exclaimed as she jumped up on Abba’s lap for her regular morning time with Abba.

“Good morning, little girl. It’s great to see you! How are you today? What can I help you with?” Abba responded.

“I feel much better now that I’m sitting here with you. Abba, can you remind me why you came and got me and adopted me? I sometimes forget and get afraid that I might have to leave,” little girl said these things, a little bit fearful that Abba would be upset with her.

“Oh little girl,” Abba said with deep compassion in his eyes and in his heart, “Do you remember how much I said I loved you and how long we get to be together? I love you beyond your understanding. You can sit with me and experience my love for you day after day as long as you need and as long as you want. And you can do this every day forever because you’re my daughter forever and ever!”

Abba’s eyes were filled with delight and love for little girl. He hugged her while she sat in his lap. Little girl let go of her fear and experienced his delight in her and his love for her in a deeper way than ever before. She closed her eyes and just received Abba’s love. She knew this was the answer to all of her questions.

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Encountering Abba’s Love

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Writing Daily
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Little girl woke up with Abba’s song in her head. She loved his song. It had been in her head since she heard it that early morning a few days before.

Little girl had been learning more and more about his love daily. When she heard his song of love over her, it was made real to her in a way she hadn’t experienced before.

Little girl went to find Abba in his usual morning spot. As she approached him she looked into his eyes and they pierced her heart. Little girl ran and jumped into his arms. She buried her face in his chest, weeping as she felt his great love for her.

Abba just held her and let her cry. He loved little girl so much. He loved how she simply believed him and easily received his love for her daily.

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You are My Child Now

Abba, I Belong to You 4

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 31: Almost

Abba held little girl as she thought about all he had done for her. The love Abba had shown her had changed everything for her. Despite her sadness at times, deep down she was filled with a joy beyond expression. She was so excited to be his.

Little girl turned and looked at Abba with a question she already knew the answer to. “Do I get to stay here forever with you? Can I sit in your lap whenever I get scared?”

“Of course. You are my child now and that will never change. You can stay with me forever and you can sit in my lap anytime you want to. I love it when you run to me and sit with me. Don’t ever think you’re too old to come to me. I’m your Abba. Come to me anytime. I always want you near me,” replied Abba with zeal in his heart for little girl.

Tears streamed down little girl’s face as he spoke these words with the tender affection that only a father knows for his children.

Abba held her close, knowing all of her fears and the difficulties she had been through. He knew her completely and loved her wholly. He wiped her tears as she sat with him, feeling the love she had longed for all of her life.

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